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Dear [community profile] everywoman  author,

Thank you for offering to write something I've requested! I love gen and shipfic in equal measure. Plot, sex, action - all great, but what I love is characterization, so don't feel pressured to include lots of explosions. In my letter, I'm including some possible ships, story scenarios, and headcanons, but feel free to ignore any of these if they don't jive with the story you want to write.

I have no hard-line triggers at this time, but please warn if applicable for self-harm, disordered eating, and pregnancy/birth.
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Fall TV

Sep. 8th, 2013 06:47 pm
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Reminded by escritoireazul to write this up... Here's what I'll be watching this fall -- at least for a few episodes.

SUN: Masters of Sex (house watch)

MON: Sleepy Hollow (house watch), Hostages (TONI COLLETTE)

TUES: New Girl (at least until I get a read on where it is going now), Trophy Wife (NATALIE MORALES)

WED: American Horror Story (IDEK, house watch)

THURS: Parks & Rec (until Rashida leaves), Elementary, Glee (ONLY the Demi Lovato episodes)

FRI: Comedy Bang! Bang! (is it really a new season if the current season is happening now?), Dracula (house watch? POSSIBLY NOT.)


... which is a refreshingly open schedule, considering that we're amidst an X-Files rewatch, and just started AHS season one. 
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I wrote up my Evil!Annie cosplay how-to (with pics of the process and final product) HERE.

Under the cut are a few images I've posted elsewhere of other cosplays I found noteworthy!

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Still no pictures. But links!

- my X-Files story we are the half-destroyed instruments that once held to a course was recced (beautifully!) here, and oh gosh, this is one of the few times I've been recced, and WHAT A WONDERFUL FEELING. I've got a new goal to post my fanfic recs on tumblr with tags so people can find them and maybe feel just as good.
- the story I received for notprimetime is great! a roller derby AU/post-series Community fic with Britta and Shirley! Certificate in Applied Badass by an as-yet anon person. This also serves as a future reminder that, as much as I LOVE roller derby AUs and think every fandom should have at least one, I now need, like, trigger warnings, for roller derby. This is ABSOLUTELY not something I fault the author or story for, because WOW what a weird thing... *shakes head* Anyway, Certificate reminded me of those powerful/wonderful early days when everything seemed simpler and more beautiful on the track. Check it out.

What am I up to now?
- rarepairfest. Love my assignment, and I have some doodles and a draft started.
- A Peck on the Lips. One more story to record.
- incestbigbang. I am doing art for a Borgias fic. I may be slower than God at watching the show, but hi, yeah.
- continuing Lagniappe with mage_girl. HI THIS STORY IS REALLY FUN
- making a million doctors appointments, getting back into counseling, working, blah de bloo
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The rarewomen archive is live, as of this morning, with a story for everyone and 220 fics! *collapses happily*

I wrote:

that black forest and the fire in earnest (The Awakening (2011), Florence Cathcart, horrorgen)
She turns her head, suddenly aware of a thousand aching pieces, parts, joints, whispering or howling for attention. Hands, wrapping and re-wrapping a kind of gauze. Female hands, female arms, and there. A face. The girl is young with a round face that seems at once utterly foreign and intensely familiar. It is her eyes Florence knows -- absurd, since she’s certain the girl at her side is stranger, but true.

“What has happened?” Florence manages, each word tasting like dust.


we are the half-destroyed instruments that once held to a course (The X-Files, Dana Scully/Samantha Mulder/Monica Reyes, prefemslashy mystery adventure and awkward flirting)
“That’s what I’m proposing, yes. And be patient, Sam. Good things come to those who wait.”

“Not much comes to those who wait, you mean,” Mulder teases, knocking Reyes in the arm, an easy physical motion that could mean nothing or everything. Scully tries to remember the last time Mulder touched her like that -- they are partners, after all -- and surfaces blank, thinking only of her fingers tight around Mulder’s arm, Scully trying to quell her own shaking.

She’s not sure, then, exactly what she’s seeking.

Perhaps that is what scares Scully most about all of this.

I received a lovely, fluffy rom-com of a New Girl story from flipflop_diva: The End (It's Coming Closer) (Jess/Cece, zombies. And yes, you can have zombie-related fluff!)

For the rest of May I'll be 
  • moving (!!!!)
  • reworking my Spring Breakers review for BitchFlicks
  • writing a book review for the Lesbrary
  • and gathering ideas for not_primetime and intoabar
Hope you all are feeling lovely!
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I'm two away from finishing [community profile] hc_bingo , assuming that I can fill the prompts "stranded/survival scenario" and "forced to hurt somebody". Any ideas?


In case you don't follow my fic feed or otherwise and are still interested in ye olde writing, here's what I've finished lately:

For jb_slasher for rainbow_support I wrote colors bleeding into one that hasn't got a name, which is Black Swan fic and a sort of disjointed study of Nina, mostly pre-movie. I also write a drabble, I have made a vocation of it, a short thing about Briony, post the bulk of the movie/novel.

And in bizarre crackship news, I finally watched the two episodes I'd missed in this season of Mad Men ("The Other Woman" was damn traumatizing. Actually, this whole season was.) and finished up make my timbers shake about two meetings between Joyce Ramsay and Beth Dawes.


The gossip blogs are reporting that Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny have shacked up. I have no idea why, but I'm totally thrilled.
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can't figure out for the life of me why i'm procrastinating on taking a fucking shower when i'm exhausted and need to go to sleep but whatever. 
not sure how much i'll be around this week but i made it home safe from CONvergence and oh what a delightful weekend it was (that sounds sarcastic. it is not sarcastic. that also sounds sarcastic. maybe it is the all lowercase.) turns out, i do a lot of awesome brainstorming on long drives by myself. a few brief notes
  • make blog post about epilepsy. that fucking brain disease.
  • make blog post about your connection to native culture. maybe. edit it a lot before it goes life. be careful. do research.
  • blog about chiropractic.
  • the secret thing that only gloss will read. yeah you know what i'm talking about. yep. 
  • jane cosplay take two. remember the mustache this time. sigh with shame. make your mother take the photo. possibly outdoors where the neighbors can see.
  • watch burning love
  • but really you should finish x-files season 6 first
  • try community again?
  • ann raises her hand and leslie, politely calls on her. um, leslie, she says. remember the time you accidentally handed out the binders of your wizard fanfiction at the clean water committee? (you promised not to ever mention that again, leslie hisses)
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In this, the inaugural year of shipswap (at LJ), I have asked for:
  • New Girl - Jessica Day/Cece Meyers
  • Parks & Recreation - Ann Perkins/Leslie Knope, Ann Perkins/Ben Wyatt, Ann Perkins/Lucy
  • Game of Thrones - Cersei Lannister/Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister/Brienne of Tarth, Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister
  • Homestuck - Jane Crocker/Roxy Lalonde, Rose Lalonde/Vriska Serket, Roxy Lalonde/Nepeta Lejion
  • The X-Files - Monica Reyes/Dana Scully

More details below!
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I guess I'm finally getting attached to DW because I notice myself getting weirdly lonely when I don't post for a day or so. Good thing?

- I've started my mid-series rewatch of X-Files for[personal profile] wendelah1 's fic. Having a serious case of Scully feelings.
- Finished my Roxy wig (it was a hideous mid-back length thing and is now short, flouncy and GORGEOUS) and am making good (but blistery) progress on my scarf. (Knitting note: I freaking love these smaller needles, and the plastic is awesomely bendy and grippy, but it's ripping my skin up. I have no fewer than four blisters on assorted fingers and it makes progress quite a bit slower. Bah. Also: "I Love This Yarn" yarn is AMAZING. For the record.) I'm probably going to start on the skirts this weekend. Or Monday.
- Relaxing evening tonight. The mall with T, plotting WisCon schedule with H. Sleeeeeeeep. More relaxing tomorrow. Catching up on television (The only new stuff I've watched this week is New Girl.) and more X-Files. Goodwill for the Great Fedora Search of 2012. Then driving home on Sunday to see my mom because the hi-I'm-moving-cross-country-and-you-can-probably-never-afford-to-visit guilt is starting to pile up.

I don't feel like I can start any big writing projects between not_primetime and catching up on my donation fics, but I'd be tickled for some drabble prompts, if you are so inclined. Fandoms of the week being Homestuck, Parks (I'm trying to exorcize something, apparently), New Girl, Suburgatory, Mad Men, Game of Thrones (no dudes or Arya, please). And no, I'm probably not seeing The Avengers for another year or so. And I'm a little sick of hearing about it.


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