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There are a LOT of great-looking fic and art to browse through, holy gosh.

I wrote:

Feel the rest out (Fingersmith, post-canon, Sue/Maud)


If you're gonna shoot me down, do it gently (Masters of Sex, Lillian/Virginia)

So far, I've really only read my gifts, but am super happy!

scintilla10 (HEY!!) wrote How to Win at Book Club (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy/Rosa) which made me laugh out LOUD and clap with glee

and Missy wrote me a sweet little treat, Hey Ballerina (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy/Rosa)


Nov. 13th, 2013 11:27 pm
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Family stuff is happening, and when that happens, the internet is especially good for distractioncake.

Here! Have some femslashex! 

The archive is here. It looks like there is something for everyone. More traditional fandoms/pairings and rare fandoms and pairings! Different styles, ratings, and GOOD TIMES. 

I wrote two things:

I heard the wind inside me crying
Orphan Black, Sarah Manning/Alison Hendrix, for teaboytoaliens
(post-canon, dark!AU)

we're better (you know we're better together)
The Heat, Sarah Ashburn/Shannon Mullins, for marginalia
(post-canon, moving in together and drunken shananagans)

I got:

Community, Annie Edison/Britta Perry, by thingswithwings

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Dear author,

Hi! AM SO EXCITED YOU ARE HERE! I've requested the max number of fandoms, and usually have pairing options, so hopefully you have some options and some things that really make you feel jazzy. I'll try to give some suggestions/ideas, but feel free to ignore anything (minus triggers) that doesn't jive with your personal writing flow. I want you to have fun and not stress -- so if you have any questions, you can ask me anon on tumblr (aphrodite-mine.tumblr.com) or via prozacpark. Feel free to click around tumblr or anothercoast.wordpress.com where I list fanfic recs, but again, if something makes you feel all weird, just pretend you didn't see it! Cool? Cool!

#1: Hannibal, Alana Bloom/Abigail Hobbs, Alana Bloom/Beverly Katz, Abigail Hobbs/Freddie Lounds

I love how fucked up this show is. I love that the characters are real about that, too. They're all flawed and wonderful in their own way, and I love fic that acknowledges it. Sex is ALWAYS optional, but I definitely like it in this fandom if you lean that way. I love precanon and postcanon and missing moments during canon. I'm a supporter of Abigail being NOT dead. 

Not sure how obvious this might be, but I'd rather not read about Hannibal himself or Will (though I understand if they're on the perephery). Dub-con, kinky shit, dark shit -- all fine, but please please please no murder or non-con. I am also a bit squicky about food sometimes, so if post-canon I'd rather not read about how Alana is super afraid of eating because of people or something. 

#2: Bunheads, Michelle/Sasha, Michelle/Truly

Another show with exquisitely damaged but damn determined ladies. I love borderline disturbing hook ups or celebrations or the domestic bliss/trouble that comes from sharing spaces. I'm perfectly happy with pretending that Godot and Goth Boy and Handyman don't exist. AUs (non ballet?) welcome, not mandatory obviously. Secret dating would delight me.

Food squick possibly relevant here. Counting calories or eating just enough to work off are in the danger zone. Please no insisting on straightness or being outed against their will.

#3: Community, Britta/Evil!Britta, Annie/Britta, Britta/Shirley, Britta/Michelle Slater, Britta/Evil!Annie, Britta/Paige

I. Love. Britta. I love queer Britta. I love bi Britta. I love feminist Britta. I love faily but fixing it Britta. I love fumbly awkward Britta. I love unabashed and unafraid Britta. AUs acceptable, as are any alternate/kooky locations/timelines within canon. 

I'd prefer something at least mostly lighthearted. If dark places are ventured into, please give them a way out. Please don't erase Britta's history with men (or the other characters' for that matter). I don't mind Jeff, so don't villanize him -- he'd probably be into lesbianry anyway. No non-con, no deep self-loathing that gets magically fixed by someone else (hell, just avoid the deep self-loathing.)

#4: Orphan Black, Alison Hendrix/Original Female Character, Alison Hendrix/Sarah Manning, Alison Hendrix/Beth Childs, Helena/Sarah Manning, Alison Hendrix/Aynsley

Alison and Helena are my FAAAAAvorites. I'm on team Helena Is Alive Despite Canon Evidence, and team Alison Doesn't Sign, so if post-canon, keep things... not in the depths of despair. I'd prefer no AUs here -- but pre-canon, during canon, anything else is totally rad. I definitely think Alison is Secretly Gay and in denial, but I'm not sure how conscious of that she is. 

Domestic fluff/angst = amazeballs. Learning each other and what each likes = fabulouso. Please no non-con, no sex/kissing where one party doesn't know the true identity of another party. Remember that while Helena may be stunted, she is still an adult (hooking up with someone you infantalize is kinda creepers). Also: I know canon is kind of obsessed with Kira as the First Bio Child and Alison has some canon... jealousy? IDK -- but please don't write about that. If you want to write about motherhood, please include Oscar and Gemma. 

#5: Go On, 
  • Anne/Carrie, 
  • Anne/Lauren, 
  • Anne/Simone
Anne, Anne, Anne, Anne, Anne. Anne being snarky, bitter, swoony, in love, out of love, obsessive, casual... and ANNE. Bonus "broTP" with Ryan, but absolutely not required. I love the found family aspect of the show, so feel free to include as many of the group members -- and as much shenanigans -- as you'd like! Pre-canon, during-canon, post-canon, what ever! Down for AUs and just about anything as long as it doesn't linger too long in sad land.

THANK YOU for writing for me, author. I mean it when I say that I want you to enjoy yourself. Respect the characters and tell the story they lead you in. Again, if you have questions or worries, don't hesitate to poke me (with minimal details of course, I DO like to be a little surprised.) <3


Sep. 1st, 2013 03:48 pm
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Signal boost:

femslash(year) is now [community profile] femslashex . NOMINATIONS ARE SOON. Matches are NO LONGER just by fandom!



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