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Antichrist is on Netflix instant.

Group watch sometime this week?

Who is in for some RIDICULOUSNESS?!
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First watch of the new year! You guys, I am obsessed. But! I need someone to share my obsession with. So let me tell you about Riget.

General info:
- directed by Lars von Trier (okay, this may not be a plus for most sane people, but seriously, the man is a genius no matter what problems you may have with him)
- the plot is gothic-based: Hospital built on mysterious site, and after years of clinging to strict medicinal cures, the spiritual world is breaking through
- it reminds me a lot of Twin Peaks: between the mystery at large (who is the creepy ghost person? what is causing the mysterious things to happen at Kingdom Hospital?) the dramatic soap-y storylines (move in with me! I love you! I'm pregnant (with some other guy's baby)!) and the random bits of complete absurdity, I haven't seen a show pull off this balance since David Lynch was at the helm
- the characters are amazing (more below)
- there is lots to analyze and discuss (more below)

Not convinced yet? Read more some more details. There are also a few points that may give you pause, so for squikky viewers, I suggest spoiling yourself a little below.

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Convinced yet? It is only 8 episodes -- that's 8 hours of your time.
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In honor of the video for Alejandro being released today, I decided to watch every Gaga video out there, most for the first time.

As a result, I have some figures.

Best make out with a chick: Love Game vs. Telephone. Love Game has the downfall of being a song both 1) about a game and 2) being a video filled with dudes and crotch/dick grabbing, but the two moments of girlkissing are unexpected and pretty darn hot. Telephone, while sapphicly charged, didn't entirely deliver on the girlsmooching front. Gaga just didn't seem into it. Perhaps she was busy thinking about her Honey Bee.

Best Gaga Breast: Telephone (Jail) vs. Alejandro (Guns) vs. Alejandro (Bikini). This is a difficult choice. Obviously, I favor later-Gaga. As much as Sparkly!Jail Gaga makes me want to be shoved up against some bars, and Gun!Bikini Gaga makes me want to be a target, I think I'm going to have to go with Nude!Bikini Gaga, for the sheer (pun!) breath-snatching (another pun!) factor.

Lowest budget, obviously: Poker Face. This was almost painful to watch. She looks incredibly young, and obviously the director didn't quite know what to do with her.

Best Death: Paparazzi (Skarsgard) vs. Paparazzi (Gaga) vs. Telephone (Tyrese) vs. Bad Romance (Skeletor). I think the verdict goes to Tyrese. Choking on breakfast food is pretty awesome, plus Beyonce then delivers that line about her honey. Nommm.

Best use of chandeliers and polar bears, obviously: Bad Romance. I don't even know.

Best use of Italian stereotypes: Eh, Eh. I didn't even know this was released as a single, let alone made a video. I couldn't bear to sit through the whole thing. Good luck if you try.

Random favorite moment from Beautiful, Dirty Rich: Gaga's hand pressed against a girl's throat. Um, wow.

Waste of a seizure: Video Phone. The set up with guys' heads as cameras was almost going to be a statement, but I guess I expected too much. Fail.

Best Gaga Outfit: First of all, this is an impossible category. I'm going to limit it to the videos, because otherwise there is a limitless material to draw from, and material that I simply haven't observed. Judgement is based on WHOLE look, including shoes, hair, makeup, any accessories... and of course the clothes.

... Okay, I'm a minimalist, and I can't decide, so. I'm just going to say the nude bikini with black stockings from Alejandro. It's understated, and I love her hair with that look. That, or the gun boobs.
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So, for this year I'm going to thematically divide recs. If you are looking for a particular fandom [I'm including Juno, Princess Protection Program, Push, Imagine Me & You, Wizards of Waverly Place, Jennifer's Body, Whip It, Fingersmith, Glee, United States of Tara, Bend it Like Beckham, Skins, Sonny With a Chance, Parks & Recreation, Saturday Night Live RPF] just use CTRL+F.

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30 days )

Day 2: Fave Movie


Day 3: Fave TV Show -- The Inside

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Gonna do this:
30 day meme )

And so, today, day one... my favorite song.

I'm not gonna lie. Right now it is...

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I am SO excited for Yuletide this year. Well, to be fair, I'm excited for Yuletide every year, but I just wanted to say that I'm excited for this year, because dear Yulegoat, this year YOU are writing for me, whoever you are. The important thing is that you signed up for one of four INCREDIBLE, AWESOME fandoms and are willing to write a story for them, whether or not you pay a whit of attention to my ~very optional~ details.


Here, in random order, is what I asked for, and under the cut are additional details that I may or may not have included in the signup. I was so excited that I didn't copy/paste as usual!

1. Antichrist, She/He
2. Ian McEwan - The Cement Garden, Julie/Jack/Tom
3. Juno, Juno/Vanessa/Leah
4. The Middleman (tv), The Middleman/Wendy Watson/Lacey Thornton

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Last night [livejournal.com profile] fishy73 and I saw Demi Lovato in St. Louis. (David Archuleta and Jordin Pruitt were openers.)

It. Was. Epic.

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And that's it, I guess. The whole night was kind of like a dream. Amanda and I dressed like less skanky versions of Effy Stonem, and my mom almost didn't let Amanda leave the house in her outfit, but still took our picture. XD

I'm now enabled to write Demi porn. "And no limes."
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First of all; Thanks for signing up for this year's exchange!  I hope you have fun with my requests.  I'm pretty easy to please.  If you freaked out at my weird requests, take a deep breath, and read this post.  If you still have questions, I believe you can ask via moska & k OR vague questions ANON in this post.

Here's what I requested:
1. Skins, Katie/Naomi, Naomi/Effy
2. Firefly, River/Saffron
3. X-Men Comics, Rogue/Marrow

Wildcard fandoms I request: (limit three):
1. Juno, Juno/Vanessa, Juno/Leah
2. Parks & Recreation, Leslie/Ann
3. United States of Tara, Any Alter/Charmaine, Any Alter/Kate

Details! )
Use this as an opportunity to write what you feel good writing about.  It will be the most successful exchange for me if you have a good time. 

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Friends adjustment.  Feel free to drop me if you don't think we're working out.  And on the other side, if you want to give me a try, please comment on my Adding Post.  --> http://aphrodite-mine.livejournal.com/410903.html

(Also, I feel a bit out of the loop, cause I'm not watching the Tonys or participating in the European elections... However, Selena was brilliant on SWAC tonight.)


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