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I wrote up my Evil!Annie cosplay how-to (with pics of the process and final product) HERE.

Under the cut are a few images I've posted elsewhere of other cosplays I found noteworthy!

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-- July's medialog
-- I got an iPhone and am totally sucked in to the wonders of Instagram and Shadow Cities. RL = Paused. Anyone on Kik Messenger?
-- No job yet.
-- Attempting to write things?
-- Cats still in the laundry room.

Hard to believe that almost a month ago I was on my way to CONvergence.
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can't figure out for the life of me why i'm procrastinating on taking a fucking shower when i'm exhausted and need to go to sleep but whatever. 
not sure how much i'll be around this week but i made it home safe from CONvergence and oh what a delightful weekend it was (that sounds sarcastic. it is not sarcastic. that also sounds sarcastic. maybe it is the all lowercase.) turns out, i do a lot of awesome brainstorming on long drives by myself. a few brief notes
  • make blog post about epilepsy. that fucking brain disease.
  • make blog post about your connection to native culture. maybe. edit it a lot before it goes life. be careful. do research.
  • blog about chiropractic.
  • the secret thing that only gloss will read. yeah you know what i'm talking about. yep. 
  • jane cosplay take two. remember the mustache this time. sigh with shame. make your mother take the photo. possibly outdoors where the neighbors can see.
  • watch burning love
  • but really you should finish x-files season 6 first
  • try community again?
  • ann raises her hand and leslie, politely calls on her. um, leslie, she says. remember the time you accidentally handed out the binders of your wizard fanfiction at the clean water committee? (you promised not to ever mention that again, leslie hisses)
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I forgot to post it: my April media post. Uh, you can tell that I am on leave from derby because holy crap I watched a lot. Contains fic recs for Homestuck and ASOIAF.

Finally calm enough to focus on paperwork today (I hope) but that doesn't stop me from thinking and planning and whee! I got all the stuff for my CON costumes yesterday (spent a little too much at the craft store, but what else are craft stores for than for HURTING YOUR WALLET?!) and I am super pumped.

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Spring is, traditionally, when change happens, when love begins.

And, in the spirit of that (and yet completely unrelated, it just seemed like a good lead-in)... I'm moving to Southern California in two months to live with[personal profile] majesdane .

I'll be busy until then: getting rid of furniture, cleaning out things I won't need, finding a home for my beasts, WisCon with[personal profile] prozacpark  and[personal profile] meganbmoore ,[community profile] not_primetime , finishing travel plans, CONvergence with[personal profile] shadowen  and mage_girl (who I had the pleasure to meet last weekend!) and my lady and possible-no-definite Homestuck cosplay, finishing what projects I can, finding a job, so much packing, getting[personal profile] beverytender  back home, planning, planning, planning, visiting St Louis to say sayonara to my family and friends there, possibly having some sort of gathering here to see me off, and oh yeah, PACKING.

And then, my friend Ben and I hit the road with the UHaul and my car. We're making a bit of an adventure of it and, as we've both been slacking in the original writing department, an inspiration trip.

Of course, once I get there, I'm not sure how radio silent I'll be. Settling in, getting acclimated to a new job, sexy times... and eventually re-enrolling long distance to perform the English department's very first thesis defense via Skype. Oh, and considering re-joining roller derby just as a player.

I'm excited about what the future holds, and about breaking the near future down into manageable weekly and daily goals. Mmm. This girl loves a good plan.


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