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Sep. 8th, 2013 06:47 pm
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Reminded by escritoireazul to write this up... Here's what I'll be watching this fall -- at least for a few episodes.

SUN: Masters of Sex (house watch)

MON: Sleepy Hollow (house watch), Hostages (TONI COLLETTE)

TUES: New Girl (at least until I get a read on where it is going now), Trophy Wife (NATALIE MORALES)

WED: American Horror Story (IDEK, house watch)

THURS: Parks & Rec (until Rashida leaves), Elementary, Glee (ONLY the Demi Lovato episodes)

FRI: Comedy Bang! Bang! (is it really a new season if the current season is happening now?), Dracula (house watch? POSSIBLY NOT.)


... which is a refreshingly open schedule, considering that we're amidst an X-Files rewatch, and just started AHS season one. 
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Dear friends,

Do I want to write:

+ Ann/Leslie, the roller-derby-comes-to-Pawnee spec-script-ish idea
+ Ann/Leslie/Boys, the always-queer poly AU
+ Ann/Lucy, Ann/Leslie, the becoming-an-adult-doesn't-always-mean-these-things-fit-in-tidy-boxes idea
+ Something else? ...Something not even Parks? ...Something not starring Rashida Jones? [Okay, no. It has to be Rashida Jones. My pants say so.] 


THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW NOW even though it will be awhile before I properly start because recast_bigbang is GOING to get done first. DAMMIT.
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Today: make it through practice without gut busting open, seriously, wtf is happening in my intestines right now? Also, don't kill anyone who is on the list of Dammit You Are Really Not Helping This League and I Begged My Parents For Money Today So Quiet You.
Tomorrow: get through work, do some writing, maybe, and GOD DAMNIT, relax and enjoy some pizza and Parks with your lesbians. (Skins?) Oh and take a few minutes to update the site because you said you would!
Wednesday: work, therapy ugh fuck, femslash_today update, rarewomen sign ups going live hopefully? CROSSING MY FINGERS, don't drink don't drink don't drink.
Thursday: work late! write! uh... write more! Parks! review! sleep!
Friday: work, admin stuff, Fringe, MEAT TRAY?!, sleep sleep sleep get some sleep please oh god. (Bomb Girls?) hope really hard that because the weekend looks mostly stress free you won't have an Anxiety Episode and ruin the time off.
Saturday: web meeting part deux - the "I had a panic attack and canceled the last one" edition, catch up on watching the things (The Good Wife!)
Sunday: relax. more sleep.

And at some point in the week:
- start re-reading Alias
- finish the wedding scene/get to 4500 words
- narrow down rarewomen sign up... I know I'm requesting Parks, but my other two slots are up for debate
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Over the past two weeks I've been working on a Greek Myth drabble cycle for [livejournal.com profile] femslash100 and I'm finally done! I wrote (almost?) every female character on the show, and lots of Leslie/Ann, my OTP to end all OTPs. If you have a moment, please read a few.


Leslie/Ann (1767 words):
Unbreakable Vow, your brown eyes are my blue skies, the best that you could hope for, never thought I'd find, staring down the sun, you push me wide open (also Abigail/Kayla), Life is good, maybe it's great, i want to go there too.

Ann-slash (608 words):
a pumpkin at midnight (Ann/Millie), so I'll write them in light (Ann/Lucy), Societal Advancements (Ann/Veronica [Better off Ted]), oh girls they (just wanna have fun) (Ann/Donna), Headline (Ann/Shauna Malwae-Tweep), Speak Plain (Ann/April).

Leslie-slash (387 words):
lost to me (Leslie/Lindsay), The Worst Day Ever (Leslie/Tammy 2).

Minor characters (including Pawnee Goddesses) (1398 words):
hell around the corner (Marcia Langman/Joan Callamezzo), for what you really are (Shauna Malwae-Tweep/Marcia Langman), you're just a body, I can smell your skin (Tammy 1/April), i wasn't looking for nobody when you looked my way (April/Cassidy), there's only one truth that I know (Ethel/Muriel), you have always worn me well (Ethel/Muriel), Bliss(tering) (Donna/Wendy), given half the chance (Wendy/Lucy), falling in love with every sunrise (Lauren/OFC).

Total: 4160 words
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Because I'm pretty fucking proud of this.

i'm spun out so far
Author: [livejournal.com profile] aphrodite_mine
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] shan_3414
Link To Art: here
Word count: 9,500
Rating: M
Warnings: Lesbianism, commas & parenthesis, emotions. Alcohol, mild fuckery. Oh, cursing.
Disclaimer: Words are mine, not much else.
Summary: Emily and Naomi don't work out, but then nothing ever seems to. Post season 4. Emily/Naomi, Katie/Naomi.
Notes: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] immortality and to my sister for the beta work, to [livejournal.com profile] keffyrules for the cheerleading and read-thru.

story art by shan_3414
*click to go to the fic

oh god.

Mar. 21st, 2011 09:05 am
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The Big Love series finale aired yesterday.

*note: [livejournal.com profile] damariscain wrote a brilliant meta here on Deus Ex Machina.

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Feb. 7th, 2011 04:07 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] coco_newt wrote me the FREAKING AWESOMEST STORY EVER - it is Parks & Rec, Ann/Chris/Ben/Leslie. ALL AT ONCE.


“Benjamin.”  Chris slapped a hand down on his shoulder and Ben slowly turned his way, disconcerted by his nearly naked closeness.  “Love is a beautiful thing.  A beautiful thing.”  He emphasized heartily.  “To share all our love as one is nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s a blessing we bestow on each other.  From our hearts.  To our bodies.

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so whatever, i wasn't going to post about skins us because skins fandom already hates me for a variety of reasons, but this my journal and you all can unfriend me if it hurts you that much. cry moar. etc.

i was legitimately trying to give this show a shot, and the second episode is always better than the pilot, right? skins us is no exception. it deviates from the uk pilot/plot/script, obviously, since it focuses on the one character who doesn't have a uk counterpart. and i dig tea, don't get me wrong. she's unique. she's hot.

and it took me till this episode to come up with legitimate reasons not to tune in (i.e. reasons that weren't 'oh hai its just copying off the uk version and its not doing very good lol') do you care? probably not. whatever. read on, or don't.


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Sundays are Damaris and Laura days, and quickly becoming my favorite days of the week. Today I went over early so we could watch The House of Yes, which I'm absolutely shocked I hadn't managed to watch before, because it hit so many of my sexual and literary kinks (yes, you can absolutely have literary kinks -- from certain plot arcs, to conflation of issues, to parenthesis) that I was a fidgeting mess by the time the film hit it's climax. Pun intended.

There's a very specific audience for this (kind of) movie, so I'm not going to give a blanket rec.

Then there was delicious food and 10,000 (which I'm told is called Farkle online). And Big Love, which I'll get to in a minute. We also watch Shameless, which I enjoy but not on a fandom-y level, aside from my devotion to Emmy Rossum's breasts (and pure adoration to little Deb and love for Joan Cusack's character Sheila).

So. On to the big show. There are endless things to find problematic about Big Love, and that hasn't stopped this season. I frankly spend so much time rolling my eyes at any scene where the wives aren't on that I probably couldn't recount what happens.

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First watch of the new year! You guys, I am obsessed. But! I need someone to share my obsession with. So let me tell you about Riget.

General info:
- directed by Lars von Trier (okay, this may not be a plus for most sane people, but seriously, the man is a genius no matter what problems you may have with him)
- the plot is gothic-based: Hospital built on mysterious site, and after years of clinging to strict medicinal cures, the spiritual world is breaking through
- it reminds me a lot of Twin Peaks: between the mystery at large (who is the creepy ghost person? what is causing the mysterious things to happen at Kingdom Hospital?) the dramatic soap-y storylines (move in with me! I love you! I'm pregnant (with some other guy's baby)!) and the random bits of complete absurdity, I haven't seen a show pull off this balance since David Lynch was at the helm
- the characters are amazing (more below)
- there is lots to analyze and discuss (more below)

Not convinced yet? Read more some more details. There are also a few points that may give you pause, so for squikky viewers, I suggest spoiling yourself a little below.

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Convinced yet? It is only 8 episodes -- that's 8 hours of your time.
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The past two weeks have been somewhat nightmarish. I've been caught in a spiral of guilt and paranoia and irrational thinking. Crisis mode at home really didn't help.

I normally wouldn't talk about a "cure" like this, but the change has been so... almost instant, and so dramatic, that I really need to stress what is going on.

Until yesterday, I had been eating basically fast food and soda for my one, sometimes two meals a day. Not awesome intake. I was reading up on things I could do to help with depression, and something I kept coming across was a change in diet. I remembered seeing it while researching epilepsy. The food recommendations were the same. Why not try it.

Yesterday for lunch, I bought a bunch of portable health foods (important for work): dried fruit, nuts, granola, juice and soy milk in small containers. I ate a sampling for lunch, and that afternoon started working on a chart to process things I was feeling irrationally guilty about. I could tell a difference between the things I wrote down right after lunch and what I wrote later, as the food and energy kicked in.

Derby practice... hard, but I felt good as usual.

And then this morning. I was able to wake up at the first alarm. I nibbled on snacks during the morning, continuing the healthy diet, was able to keep positive and guilt-free even though I was over-due for posting my femslash10 story and received an AWESOME 6k Mean Girls fic featuring JANIS IAN THE LESBIAN which I will link to once I've read all the fem10 fics and have a big giant link post together.

AND I finished before I went to lunch, thanks to my awesome writing partner Maia, and here it is:

http://community.livejournal.com/femslash10/18643.html (Whip It, Bliss/Pash)
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I'm quite sick. Upper respiratory infection. On meds, but that isn't stopping the fever and raw throat from keeping me in bed (and home from work and derby).

I would appreciate the time off, but I can't manage to read, or really watch a movie, or do any of the work here that needs catching up on. And isn't that always how it goes.

Not sure if I've caught this from my derby wife, or if this is just the consequence of finally getting to hang around kids twice last week when I've only been around adults for about four years.

Much love.
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What's that, universe? You've been longing for an update from my little corner of the world? Well, I'm about to make your dreams come true, baby. Get ready for this.

One word, my loves: Derby. Roller derby, to be specific. If I wasn't utterly consumed before, I sure as hell am now. Pencil me in for three practices a week, watching my diet, attempting to exercise and stretch while sitting at my desk job... you name it. Our first bout is September 11, and I do not want to be flattened out there. We have less than six weeks with fewer than optimal numbers to get into bouting shape. I. Want. It. Last night's practice was brutal: at least three girls threw up, two cried. But we didn't stop. Roller derby is the best thing to happen to me, and despite all the drama and hooey that comes along with running a group of 30 women, the rewards are incredible.

I'm also reading more than I've had time to in ages. That's one of the benefits of being out of school and having an hour-long lunch break. I prefer to review series as a whole, which puts a bit of a hindrance on posting, but lately I've been speeding through the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels, the Oresteia (for Classica chat), the Sookie Stackhouse novels (forget what I said before about hating them, I'm so addicted), and I'm about to start the Millennium series by Steig Larsson.

As for writing, and other more intellectual pursuits, not much is happening other than RP. But that doesn't mean I'm not completely happy with the way things are right now. If you've talked to me lately, my main shows are True Blood and Degrassi, both of which I've had the pleasure of watching with friends. Simply watching, however, is not always enough. I've recently hooked up with people in the role playing community who have allowed for a deeper, meta experience. Through RP, we have explored motivations, how far characters will go, and the extent of things written into the text such as genderfail and manpain. Writing Bill has made True Blood watchable for me again, since I analyze the show and break it up instead of swallowing it whole. (RP also makes my work day a blast!)

Oh, and did I mention, I'm living with my best friend and derby wife, Bobbie Soxxx in the cutest house ever, for one. AND today I'm picking up one of my teammate's kids for the evening cause she pulled her back--I've missed babysitting so much!
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Been checking out some new television, and as is the fashion, I'll share my thoughts with you so that you can have a more educated decision when deciding what to watch.

* Haven, on SyFy. Probably won't be continuing to watch this one. Had the downfall of watching while handling a lot of drama, so I actually skimmed most of the episode but I didn't get the urge to go back and re-watch to catch what I missed either. Despite having a pretty cool main female lead, the rest of the show is made up of males (even the extras are white men). The supernatural aspect of the show is a turn off for me rather than a draw, so, I'm gladly leaving Haven there.

* Rizolli & Isles, on TNT. This is a hit for me. I like friendly-to-lesbians subtext and the heteroromance plot isn't threatening because the female leads are clearly the shows focus and clearly more badass. Yes, the show does deal in traditional crime fare such as the women-as-victims trope, but is already using that against itself. There isn't anything too deep or intellectual going on here, but for a fun cop show that isn't overrun by leading men and manpain, I'm in.

* Louis, on FX. Quite good. Not sure how regularly I'll watch since it's not character-based and not *hilarious*, but I'm enjoying it. Comedy based on single life in New York that discusses women, money, race, etc, all without being offensive--in fact, Louis C.K. is incredibly progressive for comedians in that he makes his audience think about issues and pushes buttons but still produces a watchable show. Sneaking in under the radar.

* Covert Affairs, on USA. Jury is still out. This is trying very hard to fill the niche market gap that Alias left, including many aspects such as the powerful female lead, the semi-corrupt government agency, the awesome guy friend, and a dramatic history with a romance, and even a resemblance to Jennifer Garner. However, CA has way too much focus on the broken past romance--so much so that Annie, the lead, has almost no other characterization. I don't understand her reasons for getting involved in the CIA (at least Sydney Bristow had family!reasons and not just whirlwind romance!reasons). I enjoyed the actual show, but the logic behind it is wanky.

Next entry: Smack the Pony, or The Millennium Series review (whichever I finish first).
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--> Cyber stalker alert: http://emigree.livejournal.com/52781.html. Please read for information.

--> Things I watched today:
+ Episodes 901-909 of Degrassi TNG. I'm into new territory for me. SO excited for the new season to kick off in a few weeks. My favorite characters are Jane, Fiona and Declan, so I'm glad I picked up Fi as an RP character :)
+ New True Blood. Every episode of this season (and last) has been sickening and ragey. It's a friend groupwatch activity or I might quit the show. I am bored with half of the plots this season, a few are interesting, and some are just downright horrifying (not *scary*, but... awful.) I need to write about this, I just can't stomach the thought.
+ Hounddog. I've seen the movie before, and I liked it better and worse on the second viewing. Explanation: I could appreciate it this time through as a strictly "southern gothic" venture into storytelling. That said, even knowing that everything is going to be a bit over the top, the excessive symbolism got to me. Some things work on the page, or work in experimental film, and just don't really translate in a serious way to film, at least not a film that seems to be taking itself "mainstream" for the majority of the film. Hounddog needs to find its niche earlier on and stick there, rather than dancing in and out of stereotypes and relying on banjo music. It also thinks that it is racially progressive when it falls back on the same old "magical negro" syndrome of many old southern lit--especially films. That said, it isn't a bad film. And the controversial rape scene is hardly even one, even when compared to my metaphorical issues with True Blood.
+ Childrens Hospital, the first episode. This used to be a web series and has now been picked up by Adult Swim. During July they'll be running the webisodes as full episodes, and in August "season 2" will begin. The show mocks hospital dramas, and is hilarious. The cast is first rate, borrowing from top comedies like Party Down and Parks & Recreation. I can't wait to see more, and I'm so glad I'm catching this from the beginning.

--> Also reading? Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series. I love it so far, but I will refrain from further comment until I get caught up and can do a write up. [[livejournal.com profile] meganbmoore, Ramona is an "American Ninja", thankfully, and not a half-ninja, as AfterEllen.com erroneously reported.]
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Hi guys! I don't want the ~wrong impression~ to start circulating about me, so despite being honest and up front all over the place, I figured I would go ahead and post here.

-- Skins season 4 is shitting all over my dreams. It is pretentious and bullshit. The fact that they had to make up a whole contrived plotline just to keep things going another measly eight episodes is absolutely ridiculous.

-- After two episodes, I'm so angry/done with Emily that I can't even see straight. Mention Emily on my journal and you just might get de-friended. Not joking.

-- The only characters I care about are Naomi (half for the lulz, half cause she's still in character!), Katie, Cook, and maybe JJ-- we'll see if I can be assed once his episode comes around.

-- Writing fic, for me, does not mean I'm fucking flailing around over this show. It's a method of deconstruction. Which this show needs. I am NOT FLAILING OVER THIS SHOW. In fact, you all might have to forgive me if I unfriend those of you who are, because it's making me pissy--no offence to the OPs.

-- And, like, just for the record: I spent probably a total of 45 minutes yesterday laughing my ass off over how fucking ridiculous this show is. So yeah. I'm not exactly the number one fan of this season.

...unfriend at will.
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So, for this year I'm going to thematically divide recs. If you are looking for a particular fandom [I'm including Juno, Princess Protection Program, Push, Imagine Me & You, Wizards of Waverly Place, Jennifer's Body, Whip It, Fingersmith, Glee, United States of Tara, Bend it Like Beckham, Skins, Sonny With a Chance, Parks & Recreation, Saturday Night Live RPF] just use CTRL+F.

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Dec. 21st, 2009 11:29 pm
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Top Shows of 2000s Nomination List

1.       House M.D. (2004-current)*--132

2.       Firefly*--129

3.       Glee*--128

4.       How I Met Your Mother*--124

5.       Buffy the Vampire Slayer*--121

6.       Bones*--111

7.       Pushing Daisies (2007-2009)*--104

8.       Supernatural*--101

9.       Veronica Mars*--100

10.    Dr Who (New) (2004-current)*UK—99



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Day 5: Favorite Quote
"Suck it, Nerds!" (Liz Lemon, 30 Rock)

Day 6: Whatever tickles my fancy
*made by [livejournal.com profile] violet4120
This tickles my fancy. And other things.
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Alright! Results are in from the last poll (I went with shows that got 9 votes or more, for the sake of keeping things at a reasonable number) and we're ready for the final stage of voting. I've broken shows up into categories for easy voting. If you don't agree with the category, hopefully you have enough votes to allot to cover for my error (after all, I don't know everything about every show ever!). Hopefully your favorite show is on here, and hopefully it will make the final list!

Results will be posted in about a week. Have fun, and spread this around.

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