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Laptop is had. Still sorta getting used to Windows 8 and I don't hate it. 

I'm looking for work I can do from home: editing, tutoring, teaching... so if you see any leads, let me know. I'm exhausting mine quickly.

Related: all in life going well except work. 

I'm re-reading Animorphs. Did I mention that here? AMAZING. Love it so much.

Current status: pounding out a pinch hit for rarepair. (Hah, pounding. Er -- it is porn. That makes the joke clearer, yes.)
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Thanks for the thoughts on the work situation. TL was 100% better today, still snappy and kind of rude, but complimenting and rewarding B and I for jobs well done. 

I'm feeling a bit better (writing again!) and giving myself some time and space to experience that fully.

I'm skipping January's review for The Lesbrary, but will hopefully write two reviews in February. Under the cut I'm listing several "lesbian" books I have access to. If you'd like to see my opinion on any of them, just let me know. Right now I have no preference.

- Ash by Malinda Lo
- Astray by Emma Donoghue
- Women. Period. (Anthology about menstruation)
- The Queen of Swords by Grahn
- Alcestis by Katharine Beutner
- Hood by Emma Donoghue
- Autumn Leaves by Barbara Winkes
- Something in the Wine by Jae
- Pedalling Backwards by Julia Russell
- The Collection ( Trans anthology)
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  • I am running another giveaway. This time in promotion of ThoseTwoGuysOnline.com. Check out this post on tumblr and take whatever action you feel is necessary to win a For A Good Time, Call..., The House at the End of the Street, or Celeste and Jesse Forever goodie.
  • Speaking of Good Time, I saw it tonight, have complicated feelings about it but will ultimately give it a good review. It might be a little different if I were writing for say, a feminist or lesbian review site... SO MUCH QUEER BAITING. I'll probably settle for asking for femslash fic and try to keep my bitterness contained.
  • It seems early to consider it, and I'll have a separate post about it, but [personal profile] escritoireazul reminded me that I want to do a card exchange this year. I've discovered that actually really love going to the post office.
  • Still really liking my job, even if my brain is using MUST THINK ABOUT CLOTHES FOLDING as an excuse to keep me awake at night. *smh*
  • Have a good week ahead. Lots of work, lots of A, getting my meds fixed. Radical.
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-- watch something & review for weekly Netflix feature
-- eat, at some point
-- go see Celeste & Jesse Forever, collect self, write review (next week, yo. Gosh, Sheeds. Get your dates straight!)

-- announce winners of postcard giveaway (see Tumblr for details)
-- again, consider eating
-- reward self with a movie to review! If feeling gay and romantical, Farewell, My Queen. If feeling homicidal, Killer Joe.

-- prep MYSTERIOUS PROJECT for launch announcement
-- make L. look like Don Draper
-- eat. everything.
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I really, really like identifying problems, searching for the steps necessary to fix them, and then taking those steps in an orderly, refined fashion.

But of course, real life, so there's cracks in the road, or I get rejected for insurance, and then the plan goes all to hell.

I wish this didn't affect me as much as it does. Alas, re-group. Start again.


If you didn't know, I'm writing reviews for my brother's website ThoseTwoGuysOnline.com. Check it out. Give us hits. Get me paid. (Recent reviews for "God Bless America" and "Hope Springs")


Want to win a Celeste and Jesse Forever postcard? From moi? **TUMBLR SELF-PROMOTION**


If you want to write New Girl, Homestuck, Game of Thrones, Parks & Recreation or X-Files for me, I was dropped at rareshipswap, so...


... And I just gave away my cat. I feel weird.
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Spring is, traditionally, when change happens, when love begins.

And, in the spirit of that (and yet completely unrelated, it just seemed like a good lead-in)... I'm moving to Southern California in two months to live with[personal profile] majesdane .

I'll be busy until then: getting rid of furniture, cleaning out things I won't need, finding a home for my beasts, WisCon with[personal profile] prozacpark  and[personal profile] meganbmoore ,[community profile] not_primetime , finishing travel plans, CONvergence with[personal profile] shadowen  and mage_girl (who I had the pleasure to meet last weekend!) and my lady and possible-no-definite Homestuck cosplay, finishing what projects I can, finding a job, so much packing, getting[personal profile] beverytender  back home, planning, planning, planning, visiting St Louis to say sayonara to my family and friends there, possibly having some sort of gathering here to see me off, and oh yeah, PACKING.

And then, my friend Ben and I hit the road with the UHaul and my car. We're making a bit of an adventure of it and, as we've both been slacking in the original writing department, an inspiration trip.

Of course, once I get there, I'm not sure how radio silent I'll be. Settling in, getting acclimated to a new job, sexy times... and eventually re-enrolling long distance to perform the English department's very first thesis defense via Skype. Oh, and considering re-joining roller derby just as a player.

I'm excited about what the future holds, and about breaking the near future down into manageable weekly and daily goals. Mmm. This girl loves a good plan.
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>> my review of X-Men First Class - a brief overview of the film, and a detailed look at race, disability, and gender fail.

>> Slowly getting shit done on my thesis. At this point, the hardest part is going to be the prospectus, as I haven't written non-bloggy research type writing in a year. If you have a favorite story of mine that you think should be included (fanfic ok!) now's the time to let me know :)

>> New goal for Skins LB is 8k. I think I can wrap the story up in that amount of time. Something has seriously clicked in me... I start writing a drabble and end up with 1k. I aim for 3k and end up looking at 8k. Not sure if I like this or miss the writer would could get shit done in 50 words. :/
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Almost a year ago I read the first few chapters of a Temperance Brennan book about a plane crash -- the descriptions were delicious and vivid. The characterization was weak but... forgivable in something that was basically a beach read. I had to return it to the library before I got into anything real. But, I never really gave up on wanting to like the books that inspired the show "Bones" -- after all, I like what I've seen of the show, and I liked--mostly--what I'd read of the books.

Well, safe to say I won't be reading any more of them. I just finished "Grave Secrets" -- a Tempe Brennan mystery that falls relatively early in the series (2003) and covers the topics of an old Guatemalan political massacre (the desaparacedos), unruly teen girls, Brennan's wayward heart -- she's drawn to her usual partner Ryan AND a dashing Guatemalan detective named Galiano, stem cell research, and a lot of disgust for bad men who do bad things.

The overall plot isn't bad, even if the case connections (between the massacre and the current missing girls) do seem far-fetched and illogical and aren't even fully explained at the end. What bothers me, still, is the way Reichs, and her editors cater to a socially and educationally illiterate audience.

The book spans between Guatemala and French-speaking Canada, so naturally Brennan encounters people--including herself--who speak both Spanish and French. One might expect to use context clues to decipher some of these words and phrases, or have them translated once, and referred to later without translation. No. Reichs babies her audience, spelling out these phrases each and every time they are uttered. This also happens when Brennan is dealing with any sort of scientific process. This is at least explained away in the text by surrounding her with inepts like policemen and family members of victims, but not a single conversation about stem cells, body decay, history, and on and on goes by without feeling like Reichs--who is an expert herself--has opened a text book and sat her poor, uneducated audience down in front of a video to catch us up while she goes on ahead with the story.

Sure, a little information once in awhile is always helpful. Yeah, I'd like to know that they are in fact performing an autopsy. But to be honest, I don't need to know all of the details. The fact is, I'm not reading a text book. I'm not going to go out and try to duplicate the work, do my own slicing and dicing after reading this joke of a novel. The Brennan books are beach reads, not Science courses.

Brennan works as a character on "Bones" because they have used this trait of "textbooking" and worked it into the character, but as an author, Reichs is completely at odds with Brennan. Brennan seems carefree and flirty most of the time, and at other halves of the book she is quoting long histories of Guatemalan wars.

Another thing that drove me batty, especially towards the end was Brennan's (who was narrating) habit of redundantly asking questions of the reader to remind them of every single plot point in every single chapter. "Would I be the next victim? Of whom? What was xx doing with the body? Where would we find it?" Paragraph after paragraph. Some of the prose in the middle was fine, sometimes even enjoyable. But that pattern? Infuriating.

If I want to know more about stem cells after reading the book, I'm going to do my own research. I don't need a fictional character to do it for me. So thanks, Ms. Reichs, I'm sure you'll make some paperbackswap users very happy when I put your books up for trade.
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This is, I'm sure, old news. But my yahoo avatar? Does not look like me.

I started work at a new job yesterday, and part of inter-office communication involves the use of yahoo messenger. This is especially helpful for me, as receptionist, since I don't always need to call around to check on something like a part number when it would be easier and faster to just message back and forth.

So, being new, I wanted to put up an avatar that expressed my "fun, cooperative attitude" but also, that looked like me. After all, an avatar does no good unless it represents the real thing. Especially since most of these fellow employees haven't seen the real thing.

However, I have a problem. Despite the pages and pages of novelty shirts for my avatar to wear ("I <3 Puppies!") there are only about 10 facial options, and probably 30 hair styles. While this is a vast improvement on sites like WeeMe and sites that make you Anime-style... I refuse to be satisfied.

I want my avatar to have a current, styling look. I want to push back the shaggy bangs with clips. And what about makeup--it is the same for each female, no matter what she is wearing. I don't wear makeup! My avatar has ill-fitting glasses over giant eyes. To quote the internet: Do Not Want.

Of course, I could go the route of another woman who works here, a tubby grandmother who's avatar is a blonde bombshell rocking cherry lipstick.
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Stealing this from loads of people, because I need to stay awake for a bit longer.

Fic written in 2009
http://community.livejournal.com/obscureddark/tag/2009 [way too many to c/p]

Fandoms written in 2009
Whip It (2), Degrassi High, The Inside (2), The Runaways, Indie Music RPF, Sugar Rush, X-Men (4), The Office (7), Twin Peaks (2), Skins/Trans (2), Alias (2), Glee, Skins RPF (2), Degrassi (3), Skins (8), Juno, The Runaways RPF (3), The Killing Gene, Harry Potter RPF, Chuck, Acting RPF (4), Being Erica, House, True Blood, Repo (4), Push, United States of Tara, Crossovers (5)

Ficathons participated in during 2009
Yuletide/NYR (3), xmmficathon, ipod_ovenmitt (3), femgenficathon, apocalyptothon, femslash09, remixredux

62 stories, ranging from around 2,000 words to 100.

more questions under the cut )
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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ PIMPING POST ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I am restarting [livejournal.com profile] fandom_arcana, the place where you get monthly-ish prompts for whatever fandom you want based on tarot cards. Join up, tell your friends.

Also, and this is a major announcement:

THERE WILL BE AN [livejournal.com profile] xmmficathon THIS YEAR. WANNA KNOW HOW I KNOW? BECAUSE I'M RUNNING IT WITH [livejournal.com profile] brighteyedcat. Some of the details aren't in place yet, but if you are an X-Men fan, JOIN THE COMM and watch for upcoming announcements.
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- I refuse to commit my thoughts on The Office finale to this journal.
- Turned in my application to Kohl's today. Hopefully, it will be beneficial.
- Also got a bunch of grad school papers in the mail. Yay mommy. Filling them out and will turn them in soon. Wooo.
- And now for some potentially offensive discussion:

Read more... )


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