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-- July's medialog
-- I got an iPhone and am totally sucked in to the wonders of Instagram and Shadow Cities. RL = Paused. Anyone on Kik Messenger?
-- No job yet.
-- Attempting to write things?
-- Cats still in the laundry room.

Hard to believe that almost a month ago I was on my way to CONvergence.
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Here's May's media post. It's JUNE, you guys. I move NEXT MONTH.

I'm having a nostalgia black out for Karen/Pam right now. WHY ISN'T THERE MORE OF YOU, FIC?

[community profile] remix_her  is coming up, and it looks like I'll probably sign up for the official exchange, but depending on the state of moving stuff and other writing, I'll probably also want to do the UN-official part where I pick a story and remix it. There will be an official "I grant blanket permission to remix my stuff" post in a while, but if you'd rather not post there or just want to let me know -- on a no pressure basis -- that you wouldn't mind me playing around in your sandboxes... I'd be tickled pink if you commented to that effect. *bats eyelashes*
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Should I add detailed trigger warnings to my monthly media posts?

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I read your posts and would very much appreciate trigger warnings
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I don't read your posts but I would if they included trigger warnings
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I read your posts and don't think you need to add trigger warnings
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I don't read those posts and thus don't care
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Here is a list of trigger warnings I would like for you to include to make my watching/reading choices easier.

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Is there something you would like me to preview and provide detailed warnings for? Feel free to leave that in the comments as well!
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I forgot to post it: my April media post. Uh, you can tell that I am on leave from derby because holy crap I watched a lot. Contains fic recs for Homestuck and ASOIAF.

Finally calm enough to focus on paperwork today (I hope) but that doesn't stop me from thinking and planning and whee! I got all the stuff for my CON costumes yesterday (spent a little too much at the craft store, but what else are craft stores for than for HURTING YOUR WALLET?!) and I am super pumped.

Detailies )

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 Here's my monthly media post. Contains vague spoilers for Cougar Town s1, The Good Wife, Fringe, etc etc, various movies... blah. 


It's my first time captaining, and I'm excited, mostly? I'm sure I'll get nervous in a bit. 

C'est tout!
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I made a post of the things I watched and read and such, so if you are interested, that is here. (If you're inclined to comment, feel free to do so here rather than there as the back-and-forth on wp isn't the greatest.)


I haven't been writing at ALL lately. I'm going to bed an hour earlier, and am still constantly exhausted. (Pretty sure the former is due to being on meds again, sigh, and the latter is totally unrelated and terrifying and I don't want to think about it.)

Finally, almost a week later, getting used to having someone living with me. Talking with mage_girl helped -- I'm still pretty scarred from living with K. (RIP) and my subconscious is trained to hear things like crying or puking so even when things are hunky dory I'm obsessing over what Could Go Wrong. But, like I said, that's letting up a bit now. Haven't felt that blind panic in 24 hours, which is nice.


Hi, March~


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