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Alright! Time for more deadlines and assignments. I LOVE DEADLINES AND ASSIGNMENTS. Why aren't I back in school?

I've requested Star Wars, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Game of Thrones, Hannibal and Orphan Black, which is actually a pretty accurate snapshot of my brain right now!

General info: I love ladies. More inspiration and general chatter at my tumblr, aphrodite-mine.tumblr.com. Feel free to ask vague questions via anon ask. You can also ask either prozacpark (on LJ or DW) or magicisgreen (on tumblr) and they will ask me without revealing who you are/specifics.

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aphrodite_mine: two women in period garb face away from the screen. they are holding hands (tipping the velvet - into the sunset)
These sign ups! I want to participate in all the things! *peering into the world from the thesis void* HELLO!

I'm pretty pumped about this exchange and all of the potential options. I'm also hoping that someone actually matches on my requests. So if that is you--AWESOME! As you can probably tell, I LOVE LADIES. I love ladies loving ladies and sometimes loving dudes who love them. I love angst and snark and slightly unhealthy replacement scenarios and domesticity and cuddles and sex and AWKWARD sex. 

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I wrote up my Evil!Annie cosplay how-to (with pics of the process and final product) HERE.

Under the cut are a few images I've posted elsewhere of other cosplays I found noteworthy!

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500% done with night terrors, y'all. Halp.

True story: I didn't even know they were night terrors until Hannibal. Who says TV isn't educational?

my review of Dysphoria by Karelia Stetz-Waters is up on Lesbrary. I've a review of Spring Breakers coming to BitchFlicks a bit later this month as well.

also recently written:

I offered drabbles in exchange for comments on the rarewomen archive and wrote two as a result.
- did it free the feelings in your spine? which is Sucker Punch gen focusing on Sweet Pea and Rocket
- only makes me stronger yet which is Runaways and Karolina/Xavin in all the ways I feel like I should apologize for the transphobic bullshit I posed when Xavin was first introduced

Also: a breath, a finger grip on a cliffside which is the Game of Thrones verse of my dreams (literally) focusing on genderqueer Cersei/Jaime/Brienne
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In this, the inaugural year of shipswap (at LJ), I have asked for:
  • New Girl - Jessica Day/Cece Meyers
  • Parks & Recreation - Ann Perkins/Leslie Knope, Ann Perkins/Ben Wyatt, Ann Perkins/Lucy
  • Game of Thrones - Cersei Lannister/Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister/Brienne of Tarth, Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister
  • Homestuck - Jane Crocker/Roxy Lalonde, Rose Lalonde/Vriska Serket, Roxy Lalonde/Nepeta Lejion
  • The X-Files - Monica Reyes/Dana Scully

More details below!
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Dear author,

What a fun idea for a ficathon! As a fan of the ladies, even the more popular fandoms are sometimes a place of limited enjoyment for me, so no matter what you write, if you write about one or more of these women, I'll be happy!

Some things that make me happy: [Stolen shamelessly from my yuletide dear author letter] Women. Women being awesome, women having emotions that don't revolve around men, women having stories, queer women, non-traditional women, women loving women, women doing/loving things/people that society says they shouldn't, women building their own narratives. Taboo. Consensual incest, queerness, non-fetishized mental illness, masturbation. Exploration. Character, theme, relationship, kink*. Narratives. Parenthesis, non-linear stories, fractured patriarchy. Relationships. Non-romantic love, romantic love, trust, growing up, growing apart, growing together, staying the same, substituting for a desired person or experience, quiet moments, consent (assumed or otherwise), lust, confusion, domesticity.

*An extra note regarding kink, if that interests you (skip) I really enjoy kinks explored and shared tentatively, discovering kinks and how they work, and in general, a more playful feeling. Specifically, I enjoy reading about light bondage, watersports, gender play, light role playing, blood play (through menstruation or cuts, when in character) and characters who have a kink for generally non-sexual things like emphasizing relationships, domesticity, or being good a job. :

Some things that make me unhappy: Men telling women how to feel/act unquestioned, rape, racism, fetishizing race or mental illness (such as referring to a character only by the color of her skin, or getting pleasure - erotic or otherwise - from witnessing the way someone with mental illness approaches the world. I'm just not comfortable reading about it most of the time), eating disorders, unrepentant cruelty.

Specific requests:
The Office (US): Karen Filippelli, Pam Beesley

"I'd love any degree of interaction between these two, between cautious co-workers to tentative friends to lovers. Include Jim as your muse dictates, but please don't vilify anyone involved. I'm happy with any time setting. See Dear Author letter for additional details that make me happy."

KaPam is my OTP for the series, but I would also love to read either of them with any female from the series, and Jim, too (but please no overt Jim/Pam... If I wanted that, I could just turn on the television). I also ship Pam with Michael and Toby (but dear god, not together) if you'd prefer het. As I said, this story doesn't have to be romantic! I'd love to see a day at the office, what life is like away from work, where the future takes them. Specifically for this fandom, I wouldn't mind at all reading about the canonical pregnancies, especially if they end up (somehow) with Karen and Pam raising said babies together. I mean, I can dream, right?

I talk about Karen (and Katy, who is awesome if you want to throw her in, hah) in my rarewomen dear author letter.

The L Word: Any

"I'm happy with any pairing combination here. I'll elaborate more about possibilities in my Dear Author letter. Please don't vilify Jenny if you choose to write about her, and please don't write about the season 5 mystery. Season 5 characters and relationships are okay, but I'm not interesting in who ****** Jenny." (Side note: is anyone still unspoiled for that?)

As odd as it may sound in a fandom related directly to femslash pairings, I would really enjoy a piece of gen about any of these women. I'd prefer not to read about the gritty details of cancer/death or the gambling/powerplay relationship Helena was in during season 5. I would also, of course, love to see just about any of these women paired up. I ship Alice with literally everyone, and pre-season-3-Jenny with everyone as well (minus Shane. Not a Shane fan). In particular, I get a kick out of Alice/Dana/Lara (which might be hard to do without discussion of cancer, so maybe not) and Alice/Jenny, but feel free to write about whoever speaks to you the most! (You might have noticed that Tina and Bette are left off of the character list. While I enjoy Bette with Alice or Jodi Lerner, I can not stand Tina. Please, pretty please, leave Tina out of this story as much as possible?

Game of Thrones (TV): Cersei Lannister, Sansa Stark

"I just want to see these ladies interact. I'm also quite happy with Cersei/Jaime or a solo story about one of the women. I have a lot of squicks/triggers with this fandom, so please take note of the Dear Author letter -- don't worry, I also have a lot of things that make me a happy reader!"

You should know that Cersei is my favorite character and I see her as extremely difficult, power-driven, protective of her family, but NOT as a villain and as ultimately sympathetic. Cersei should not act without motivation. I feel a bit less protective of Sansa, so there is some wiggle room for characterization there. Hah! I would prefer to see these two ladies interacting, whether it be over affairs of the state or of the heart. If you are inclined to write femslash, I would adore seeing them together, as long as Sansa offers consent and is not abused. I would... prefer to see as little of Joffrey as possible, unless the story involves Cersei or Sansa taking actions to counteract his. Other characters I really enjoy for the purposes of pairing or interaction are Jaime (paired with either), Margaery Tyrell, and Brienne of Tarth. I also adore Myrcella and Tommen if you'd like to include them.

& if you are interested in more about what I like to read, here's my 3_ships letter and my femslash11 letter. I also make a monthly rec post at my wordpress if you'd like to see some fics I've really enjoyed.


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