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If you have not seen elsewhere, rarewomen is now [community profile] rarelywritten  and celebrates the inclusion of all marginalized genders and sexes. Please join/subscribe as you like! We also have a mirroring tumblr for that crowd.


In recent fic business, I wrote And for many a time I have been in love (Star Wars, Luke/Leia/Han) for [community profile] holly_poly , and I've been working on a claim for [community profile] femslash100  (Orphan Black, ten different pairings) here.

Be well!
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You've got mod! *grins* Don't be nervous, writer! We've matched on a character I dearly love and would be happy to read ANYTHING about! Even in fandoms where I've only officially requested one woman, I would LOVE a Bechdel test pass. Otherwise... have FUN. I'm including a few inspirational ideas as well as squicks and ships for each fandom, if you would like them. If you stumble onto a question I haven't answered for you, prozacpark would be a good resource (I promise, she's okay with this arrangement!).

Otherwise, my tumblr is also aphrodite_mine, and I talk about women a LOT there!

INFO! (Some copied/pasted from previous letters)

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500% done with night terrors, y'all. Halp.

True story: I didn't even know they were night terrors until Hannibal. Who says TV isn't educational?

my review of Dysphoria by Karelia Stetz-Waters is up on Lesbrary. I've a review of Spring Breakers coming to BitchFlicks a bit later this month as well.

also recently written:

I offered drabbles in exchange for comments on the rarewomen archive and wrote two as a result.
- did it free the feelings in your spine? which is Sucker Punch gen focusing on Sweet Pea and Rocket
- only makes me stronger yet which is Runaways and Karolina/Xavin in all the ways I feel like I should apologize for the transphobic bullshit I posed when Xavin was first introduced

Also: a breath, a finger grip on a cliffside which is the Game of Thrones verse of my dreams (literally) focusing on genderqueer Cersei/Jaime/Brienne
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The rarewomen archive is live, as of this morning, with a story for everyone and 220 fics! *collapses happily*

I wrote:

that black forest and the fire in earnest (The Awakening (2011), Florence Cathcart, horrorgen)
She turns her head, suddenly aware of a thousand aching pieces, parts, joints, whispering or howling for attention. Hands, wrapping and re-wrapping a kind of gauze. Female hands, female arms, and there. A face. The girl is young with a round face that seems at once utterly foreign and intensely familiar. It is her eyes Florence knows -- absurd, since she’s certain the girl at her side is stranger, but true.

“What has happened?” Florence manages, each word tasting like dust.


we are the half-destroyed instruments that once held to a course (The X-Files, Dana Scully/Samantha Mulder/Monica Reyes, prefemslashy mystery adventure and awkward flirting)
“That’s what I’m proposing, yes. And be patient, Sam. Good things come to those who wait.”

“Not much comes to those who wait, you mean,” Mulder teases, knocking Reyes in the arm, an easy physical motion that could mean nothing or everything. Scully tries to remember the last time Mulder touched her like that -- they are partners, after all -- and surfaces blank, thinking only of her fingers tight around Mulder’s arm, Scully trying to quell her own shaking.

She’s not sure, then, exactly what she’s seeking.

Perhaps that is what scares Scully most about all of this.

I received a lovely, fluffy rom-com of a New Girl story from flipflop_diva: The End (It's Coming Closer) (Jess/Cece, zombies. And yes, you can have zombie-related fluff!)

For the rest of May I'll be 
  • moving (!!!!)
  • reworking my Spring Breakers review for BitchFlicks
  • writing a book review for the Lesbrary
  • and gathering ideas for not_primetime and intoabar
Hope you all are feeling lovely!
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Hi writer, participant, and overall cool-person! We have matched on a totally rad lady from Bomb Girls, Bunheads, For A Good Time, Call..., The Inside, New Girl, or The Office which means that not only are you a totally rad person but you have rad taste in rad ladies! Here's what I requested and some additional information you might want.


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are on the books. I put in:

1. Parks & Recreation: Ann, April, Donna, Shawna, Lindsay [[Will definitely offer, unsure about request status]]
2. Bunheads: Fanny, Michelle, Sasha, Truly, Boo [[I believe ozmissage also nominated the rest of the crew, so I will be selecting "Any" on that request!]]
3. Mad Men: Peggy, Joyce, Betty, Beth, Sally [[Again, definitely offering, not sure about requesting]]
4. New Girl: Jess, Cece, Sadie, Julia, Sydney [[Selectively offering, probably not requesting for this exchange]]
5. The Office: Karen, Erin, Nellie, Katy, Cece [[Offering selectively, decided I probably shouldn't request as 90% of my request scenarios involve Pam. Oops.]]

Other fandoms on the potential offer/request radar that have already been nominated (or are committed to being nominated):

Bomb Girls, Code Name Verity, Dublin Muder Squad, For a Good Time Call, Girls, Homestuck, The Inside, PLL (depends on how far I can watch), Tipping the Velvet.
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American Horror Story: Lana Winters, Sister Jude, Julia Walker
Ben & Kate: Kate Fox, Maggie Fox, BJ
Bomb Girls: I think other people will nominate
Bunheads: Michelle, Fanny, Truly, Sasha
Celeste & Jesse Forever: Celeste, Riley Banks
Don't Trust the B: Chloe, June, Robin, Bowling Girl, Tall Slut No Panties
For a Good Time, Call...: Katie, Lauren
The Inside: Rebecca, Mel, Angelica [will be nominated between prozacpark, chaila and I...]
The Jenna Fox Chronicles: Jenna Fox, Alyss
Mad Men:
The Office: Karen Filippelli, Katy
Our Idiot Brother: Natalie, Cindy, Miranda, Liz
Parks & Recreation:
Suburgatory: Tessa, Dalia
United States of Tara: Tara, Charmaine, Kate, Lynda

The awesome thing about rarewomen -- one of MANY -- is that even if I didn't nominate anything myself, more than one thing I give a shit about would be nominated and probably written! I think I'll poke around the discussion post in a bit and see if any of these bear any chance of being requested/offered.
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Despite a near-panic-attack-inducing mishap with backdated posts (THEY POST IN REAL TIME ON FLISTS. WHY.) rarewomen is just about open and ready for business. Check out the information post for 2013 RIGHT HERE. Please be patient with me until May, y'all. If I didn't need to go to bed soon, I'd spend the next hour making a promotional banner featuring only Rashida Jones fandoms. Hah. 

Now I just have to figure out what to nominate... and then... request. Ye gods!
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About a week ago I had to make the decision to skip WisCon this year -- my job won't let me ask off two holiday weekends in a row and I had to go with the vacation that was better for me overall. So... CONvergence is on and costumes are slowly being worked. Mini-vacations with WisCon people are potentially being wrangled through the wonders of MegaBus. Seriously. I can get to Dallas/Fort Worth for UNDER $20 (and since I actually find car rides relaxing, this is perfect.).


Final day of [community profile] snowflake_challenge : In your own space, share a favorite memory about fandom: the first time you got into fandom, the last time a fanwork touched your heart, crazy times with fellow fans (whether on-line or off-line), a lovely comment you’ve received or have left for someone.

... remember when you would pass hand-written fics around your friends for them to beta?
... remember when you had binders full of printed fics and read them in class on bad days?
... remember the countless times when fandom friend turned into real life friend turned into best friend turned into girlfriend turned into family?
... remember how writing about these characters you knew better than yourself felt like coming home?


It is nearly rarewomen time again, and I AM EXCITE.

However, tonight I am going to watch some TV and knit, and then attempt to take-two today with tomorrow.


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