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I am requesting both Art and/or Fiction, and as such I'm trying to include prompts that are friendly to both, but as the nature of language I'm sure some ideas will lend themselves more obviously to one form over another. Please don't let that discourage you. I would be happy to answer any questions anon on tumblr (I am aryannagiordan0.tumblr.com) or through [personal profile] gloss  or [profile] crossing_hades .

General Notes: For the most part, what I want out of my fandom experience is not what is already doled out in canon, though I do have quite a fondness for the various canon pairings I'm ignoring here. I have a STRONG affinity for themes of domesticity, being kind to one another, replacement (being with someone because you/both of you cannot be with the person you really want to be with, being with someone while thinking of someone else), sharing a bed, snowed in, and fake dating. I prefer to avoid graphic rape, disordered eating, self-harm, or death, but am okay with content notes alerting me first. I don't mind AUs that displace in time/space, but like to keep things like power and relationships at least close to the same. Some additional notes live in my dear author tag.

Art-specific Notes (if applicable): I can give or take detailed backgrounds -- what I'm interested in are the characters. Please don't skin-lighten. I strongly lean towards not wanting NSFW art -- nudity/sex acts tend to make me uncomfortable. But sex poses while clothed are A+

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Spent more or less the last 24 hours way too upset about Arrow for my level of investment. I'm only watching Sara's episodes, but of course, that leads to growing attached to others, and... there's something about characters that the writers don't know what to do with (cough Ann Perkins) that triggers the sads in a major way.

Trying to combat the sads with the Rogue One trailer lead to tears. But happy tears? I expect the franchise is front-loading us with incredible ladies to make room for Han Solo and Boba Fett and blah blah whatever, but at least for now, I am a happy Star Wars fan.

I've been listening to a bunch of podcasts and wanted to update with a few more I'm really liking. Stuff You Missed in History Class and Stuff Your Mom Didn't Tell You are filling a void I didn't know I wanted filled. AFAIK the hosts are all white, cis ladies (basic research doesn't inform me differently) but the discussions about race and disability seem quite nuanced and don't take shortcuts where it would be easy to skip over details. Obviously, YMMV, and I'm new to these so there could be massive issues I just haven't hit yet.

I'm considering getting the entire set of the Paul F. Tompcast because I find PFT utterly delightful and his voice work gives me so much joy... but the entire show has background piano and... electronic blip noises that really make it a struggle to understand. (Its a cognization thing... my brain wants to jump to the tiny noises and forgets that there are voices communicating information.) Note to self: find more PFT podcasts without blips.

This post is all over the place, but I also wanted to put down in words how much I appreciate Brooklyn Nine-Nine's treatment of Melissa Fumero. Not only have they used visual obfuscation to allow her to have totally unchanged screentime while pregnant, but they went out of their way to let her be pregnant on the show without consequences! Obviously, this method can't work for all types of shows, but man. I appreciate it. Not that B99 is without problems (the big ones being disability representation and spirit animals) but it is because of things like this that I'm willing to stick around and see how they grow.
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There are a LOT of great-looking fic and art to browse through, holy gosh.

I wrote:

Feel the rest out (Fingersmith, post-canon, Sue/Maud)


If you're gonna shoot me down, do it gently (Masters of Sex, Lillian/Virginia)

So far, I've really only read my gifts, but am super happy!

scintilla10 (HEY!!) wrote How to Win at Book Club (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy/Rosa) which made me laugh out LOUD and clap with glee

and Missy wrote me a sweet little treat, Hey Ballerina (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy/Rosa)
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Dear author/artist,

Hi! I know my selection of fandoms is pretty widespread, but hopefully you have options, and if you don't I hope where we matched is a delight for you! I've got a few ideas for each fandom, but feel free to go your own way! I've stated when my triggers are hard lines, but generally if something is warned for, I'm okay with it. Have fun! Don't stress! If you have vague questions, you can ask me anon on tumblr (aphrodite-mine.tumblr.com) or through mage-girl on LJ/magicisgreen on tumblr.

To get a flavor for things I enjoy, you're welcome to check out my tumblr or my fic recs. If anything makes you feels weird/stressed, just pretend you didn't see it! Along those lines, I think I've got all of the language fic/art compliant, but if you see something that appears to lean one way or the other, it's a mistake and trust me, I requested what you're prepared to give!

The Requests!
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Alright! Time for more deadlines and assignments. I LOVE DEADLINES AND ASSIGNMENTS. Why aren't I back in school?

I've requested Star Wars, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Game of Thrones, Hannibal and Orphan Black, which is actually a pretty accurate snapshot of my brain right now!

General info: I love ladies. More inspiration and general chatter at my tumblr, aphrodite-mine.tumblr.com. Feel free to ask vague questions via anon ask. You can also ask either prozacpark (on LJ or DW) or magicisgreen (on tumblr) and they will ask me without revealing who you are/specifics.

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You've got mod! *grins* Don't be nervous, writer! We've matched on a character I dearly love and would be happy to read ANYTHING about! Even in fandoms where I've only officially requested one woman, I would LOVE a Bechdel test pass. Otherwise... have FUN. I'm including a few inspirational ideas as well as squicks and ships for each fandom, if you would like them. If you stumble onto a question I haven't answered for you, prozacpark would be a good resource (I promise, she's okay with this arrangement!).

Otherwise, my tumblr is also aphrodite_mine, and I talk about women a LOT there!

INFO! (Some copied/pasted from previous letters)

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Some details for you are below the cut, but really all you need to know is that I LOVE ladies. SO MUCH. I also like the idea of the pieces of this exchange as literal mishlochei manot for the characters. Fluff! My particular fluff tropes/narratives include: snowed in! sharing a bed/sleeping bag! cooking together! one character watching another character sleep! kisses! fake dating! being smart and competent at a job or passion! having positive lady mentors! teen au! fusion au! forget the haters, lets do the things we love OUR way!

Several of these fandoms feature Jewish characters, and evil viziers, so feel free to highlight or focus on them in addition to my little notes. I'm not Jewish myself but please don't let that keep you from taking these pieces in whatever direction you'd like. I have some additional notes on some of these fandoms in my Galentine's Day letter.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Everyone is amazing and nothing hurts. I ship Amy/Rosa. 
Bunheads: I love literally every woman on this show. I ship Michelle/Sasha, Michelle/Truly, Michelle/Fanny, Boo/Sasha, Ginny/Mel, Truly/Milly, Michelle/Talia, Mel/Cozette.
Community: Sometimes canon makes me feel iffy, but the potential for AUs and childlike joy keep me coming back. I ship Annie/Britta, Britta/Slater, and Annie/Britta/Jeff.
The Inside: Truly brutal canon. Perhaps, there are small moments of light in this bleak existance? Platonic ships only.
Lost Girl: Mostly, I want an orgy of happy feelings and stupid (read: pretty) faces. I ship Tamsin/Bo, Lauren/Bo, Kenzi/Bo, Kenzi/Lauren, Tamsin/Lauren, Kenzi/Tamsin and brotp Lauren/Dyson.
Masters of Sex: Competent, smart, and daring ladies everywhere! I ship Virginia/Lillian, Virginia/Libby, Virginia/Betty.
Orphan Black: So many ladies its easy to forget that most of the are played by one person. I ship Beth/Alison, Alison/Sarah, Sarah/Helena (in a fluffy way?), Delphine/Rachel.
Pretty Little Liars: Okay, I haven't watched all of canon yet but I'm spoiled I promise. I ship Emily/Paige, Emily/Spencer, Emily/Alison and every threesomey mashup between them.
Runaways: Comic of my heart! I ship Karolina/Nico, Karolina/Xavin, Karolina/Julie Power, and brotp Karolina/Chase.
Top of the Lake: Somewhere beneath the crushing blow of this, there is so much hope. I ship Robin/Johnno.

TV Meme

Dec. 18th, 2013 05:28 pm
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Which TV show did you start watching in 2013?
Hannibal, The Fall, Orange is the New Black, Sleepy Hollow, Top of the Lake, Happy Endings, Teen Wolf, Orphan Black, Masters of Sex, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, @midnight, Dracula, The Bridge.

Which TV show did you let go of in 2013?
Bob's Burgers pretty early on. I kept forgetting it was on and for me that is pretty sure sign of losing interest. Parks and Recreation, for the most part -- at least, emotionally let go. I also would have dropped Sleepy Hollow, but lady is super fond of it. Degrassi.

Which TV show did you mean to get into but didn't in 2013? Why?
Bates Motel had some appeal, but was so rapey that I just... couldn't. The Wentworth pilot is engrossing and very Australian and full of women, but it just kept getting pushed to the backburner. I also tried the Danish version of The Bridge and just... was not interested. At all. The Whose Line reboot. Everything was off about it. The Fosters.

Which TV show do you intend to check out in 2014?
Black Sails, and Getting On, at least for a trial run. I'll finally get past the first episode of Hit & Miss. Possibly Penny Dreadful.

Which TV show impressed you least in 2013?
I was pretty cranky about the "changes" in Project Runway that ended up being totally useless. And New Girl. When your favorite character is a cat, something's probably wrong. American Horror Story: Coven. I figured it would be racist, but I had no idea.

Which TV show did you enjoy the most in 2013?
Orphan Black and Top of the Lake are a pretty serious tie. Honorable mentions are Hannibal, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Masters of Sex.
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This fest is one of the fests of my heart. I am all about every level of female/female interaction from besties to all the resties. I am here for bff talks, friend dates, casual kissing, fwb, established relationship, domesticity (as friends or lovers), partnership, kink exploration... just about everything. I'd prefer the fic pass Bechdel, because these ladies have way more to talk about than dudes. If the characters have established sexualities, I'd prefer you not ignore that if sexuality is part of the story (so Britta could ID as bisexual, for example).

I would prefer to avoid non-con and dub-con (including things like, say, consuming a person without one's knowledge!, or fucking the wrong clone), but otherwise enjoy pretty much every type of story that emphasizes characterization through whatever else you like to write.

A few more notes based on individual fandoms:

I requested Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Bunheads, Community, Hannibal, Orphan Black, and Whip It!.

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