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After finally managing not to vomit, I decided I should post about Rhianna & Emenim's (yeah, I can't fucking spell it) new song, "Love the Way You Lie," a shocking little ode to domestic violence.

The song should come with a HEAVY trigger warning, as it explicitly discusses physical, emotional, and mental violence, including TYING A WOMAN TO A BED AND SETTING HER ON FIRE.

Now, due to Rhianna's past, I'm sure the song is meant to be taken as some sort of anti-violence message. The lyrics, "I like the way it hurts" could never be misconstrued be horny teens turned on by our culture of violence.

Also totally not confusing? The fact that it is a duet between domestically abused Rhianna and domestic abuser Eminem. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Here is a link to the video, which I have not watched. I assume it is full of fuckery, as the song itself made me nearly pass out in the car.



Side note: The song reminds me of True Blood, and how the show is passing off an incredibly fucked up couple (with huge dashes of abuse per episode) as the 'soulmates' and OTP of the series. Talk about media fuckery. Where are the songs--the HEALTHY voices--telling our youth, or anyone uneducated that this sort of thing is WRONG? That we shouldn't be turned on by rape. That hitting your woman is NEVER OKAY.

America makes me tired.
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There is a problem with mainstream radio. Okay, there is a problem with mainstream culture, but let's just say that, for now, it's just the radio. There are weird rules for censorship on the radio. There are very specific rules for what you can say/sing and what you can't. Lady Gaga has to be a "free bit" on most stations instead of a "free bitch" -- I line that I find incredibly empowering and not, well, an expletive .

And not saying that Ke$sha is exactly worthy a listen, but what's so offensive about being "like a lovesick *****head" when the bleeps are "crack"? Do drugs not exist in our culture? Should teens not make weak similes related to them?

How is it that these are censored (including the ever-popular G--damn, which always puzzled me, as in "Shouldn't the bleeping be the other way around?") when sexually explicit lyrics like Rhianna's "Rude Boy" go free and clear (Note: I am not calling for a ban. I like the song, I just see a large disparity here). And incredibly sexist and disturbing lyrics go tromping through the latest dance groove untouched.

For example, the Black Eyed Peas' latest hit "Rock Your Body":

Yeah you could big ballin
Long as you feel like your own
Yeah you could be the model type,
Skinny wit no appetite

Short, stacked, black or white,
Long as you do what you like
Body outta sight, body, body outta sight

Okay, aside from the fact that the entire song pretty much objectifies the body of this female dancer... this line shocked me. The fact that this can go uncensored on the radio, and we're spending time picking out "crackhead"s from Ke$ha's "Love Drug" terrifies me.
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In honor of the video for Alejandro being released today, I decided to watch every Gaga video out there, most for the first time.

As a result, I have some figures.

Best make out with a chick: Love Game vs. Telephone. Love Game has the downfall of being a song both 1) about a game and 2) being a video filled with dudes and crotch/dick grabbing, but the two moments of girlkissing are unexpected and pretty darn hot. Telephone, while sapphicly charged, didn't entirely deliver on the girlsmooching front. Gaga just didn't seem into it. Perhaps she was busy thinking about her Honey Bee.

Best Gaga Breast: Telephone (Jail) vs. Alejandro (Guns) vs. Alejandro (Bikini). This is a difficult choice. Obviously, I favor later-Gaga. As much as Sparkly!Jail Gaga makes me want to be shoved up against some bars, and Gun!Bikini Gaga makes me want to be a target, I think I'm going to have to go with Nude!Bikini Gaga, for the sheer (pun!) breath-snatching (another pun!) factor.

Lowest budget, obviously: Poker Face. This was almost painful to watch. She looks incredibly young, and obviously the director didn't quite know what to do with her.

Best Death: Paparazzi (Skarsgard) vs. Paparazzi (Gaga) vs. Telephone (Tyrese) vs. Bad Romance (Skeletor). I think the verdict goes to Tyrese. Choking on breakfast food is pretty awesome, plus Beyonce then delivers that line about her honey. Nommm.

Best use of chandeliers and polar bears, obviously: Bad Romance. I don't even know.

Best use of Italian stereotypes: Eh, Eh. I didn't even know this was released as a single, let alone made a video. I couldn't bear to sit through the whole thing. Good luck if you try.

Random favorite moment from Beautiful, Dirty Rich: Gaga's hand pressed against a girl's throat. Um, wow.

Waste of a seizure: Video Phone. The set up with guys' heads as cameras was almost going to be a statement, but I guess I expected too much. Fail.

Best Gaga Outfit: First of all, this is an impossible category. I'm going to limit it to the videos, because otherwise there is a limitless material to draw from, and material that I simply haven't observed. Judgement is based on WHOLE look, including shoes, hair, makeup, any accessories... and of course the clothes.

... Okay, I'm a minimalist, and I can't decide, so. I'm just going to say the nude bikini with black stockings from Alejandro. It's understated, and I love her hair with that look. That, or the gun boobs.
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Last night [livejournal.com profile] fishy73 and I saw Demi Lovato in St. Louis. (David Archuleta and Jordin Pruitt were openers.)

It. Was. Epic.

Read more... )

And that's it, I guess. The whole night was kind of like a dream. Amanda and I dressed like less skanky versions of Effy Stonem, and my mom almost didn't let Amanda leave the house in her outfit, but still took our picture. XD

I'm now enabled to write Demi porn. "And no limes."
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What you'll find in this post: Information, Videos, Links, Pictures and Downloads of The Runaways - Cherie Currie, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Sandy West, and Jackie Fox. Also, Information and Pictures of The Runaways biopic that is currently being filmed, starring Dakota Fanning, Kristen Stewart, Scout Taylor-Compton, Stella Maeve, and Alia Shawkat. more )


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