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Some details for you are below the cut, but really all you need to know is that I LOVE ladies. SO MUCH. I also like the idea of the pieces of this exchange as literal mishlochei manot for the characters. Fluff! My particular fluff tropes/narratives include: snowed in! sharing a bed/sleeping bag! cooking together! one character watching another character sleep! kisses! fake dating! being smart and competent at a job or passion! having positive lady mentors! teen au! fusion au! forget the haters, lets do the things we love OUR way!

Several of these fandoms feature Jewish characters, and evil viziers, so feel free to highlight or focus on them in addition to my little notes. I'm not Jewish myself but please don't let that keep you from taking these pieces in whatever direction you'd like. I have some additional notes on some of these fandoms in my Galentine's Day letter.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Everyone is amazing and nothing hurts. I ship Amy/Rosa. 
Bunheads: I love literally every woman on this show. I ship Michelle/Sasha, Michelle/Truly, Michelle/Fanny, Boo/Sasha, Ginny/Mel, Truly/Milly, Michelle/Talia, Mel/Cozette.
Community: Sometimes canon makes me feel iffy, but the potential for AUs and childlike joy keep me coming back. I ship Annie/Britta, Britta/Slater, and Annie/Britta/Jeff.
The Inside: Truly brutal canon. Perhaps, there are small moments of light in this bleak existance? Platonic ships only.
Lost Girl: Mostly, I want an orgy of happy feelings and stupid (read: pretty) faces. I ship Tamsin/Bo, Lauren/Bo, Kenzi/Bo, Kenzi/Lauren, Tamsin/Lauren, Kenzi/Tamsin and brotp Lauren/Dyson.
Masters of Sex: Competent, smart, and daring ladies everywhere! I ship Virginia/Lillian, Virginia/Libby, Virginia/Betty.
Orphan Black: So many ladies its easy to forget that most of the are played by one person. I ship Beth/Alison, Alison/Sarah, Sarah/Helena (in a fluffy way?), Delphine/Rachel.
Pretty Little Liars: Okay, I haven't watched all of canon yet but I'm spoiled I promise. I ship Emily/Paige, Emily/Spencer, Emily/Alison and every threesomey mashup between them.
Runaways: Comic of my heart! I ship Karolina/Nico, Karolina/Xavin, Karolina/Julie Power, and brotp Karolina/Chase.
Top of the Lake: Somewhere beneath the crushing blow of this, there is so much hope. I ship Robin/Johnno.
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This is my FIRST YEAR participating! If I've managed to do something that's frowned upon in my sign up, please ignore it! I LOVE women. I love visual media. And I love music! My favorite vids are ones that make me consider the original media in a new light. I know that's sort of... out there? But yeah. There's no need to build a whole other AU or a plotline -- though those things are perfectly rad! -- because I like just... THINKING about media and seeing things in different orders, with different music, different pacing, and seeing how those things change the media. For insight into the sort of music I most like, check out my last.fm page. Overall, I prefer more serious vids than hilarious montages of silly things. 

A bit more info on the fandoms I selected...

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Hi writer, participant, and overall cool-person! We have matched on a totally rad lady from Bomb Girls, Bunheads, For A Good Time, Call..., The Inside, New Girl, or The Office which means that not only are you a totally rad person but you have rad taste in rad ladies! Here's what I requested and some additional information you might want.


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[community profile] snowflake_challenge day 9: In your own space, create a fanwork. A drabble, a ficlet, a podfic, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. A picspam. Something.

[footage not found]

And here is my Day 7 video, as promised. I actually like doing this. So. It may be a thing that I do periodically. Hello, and welcome to my room mwahahaah

As for snowflake day 10 talking about someone whose fanworks/presence you want to CELEBRATE.. skipping, for now, because I want to rave on [personal profile] gloss some more, but lack the spoons at the moment! And really, I do it quite often. :P

And Day 11 has now posted while this window has been open, waiting for me to finish: In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favourite interview, a book) and explain why you love it so much. Here, have the entirety of The Inside available on YouTube. If you require downloads, I or[personal profile] prozacpark would be happy to hook you up as the series is very unlikely to receive a DVD release, and the creators encourage finding the series by whatever means.

Oh, look, Day 12! In your own space, rec at least three fanworks that you think would make a good intro into XYZ fandom. Rec a fandom overview, a introductory picspam, stories that define and shape the fandom. If at all possible, try to pick a smaller or rarer fandom, one that maybe doesn't have the following you feel it should.

To switch things up, I am going to link to three beautiful arts!

under the cut because of PRETTY -- one image has drawn gore )

Day 13: In your own space, ask for recs. Something as simple as "I like XYZ (where XYZ is a kink, a pairing, a trope, etc) - please rec me some."

I am perpetually looking for:
  • The Office fic with IC Karen Filippelli
  • Parks & Recreation fic where Ann has agency
  • Community fic where Britta is fallible but not pitiable
  • Excellent books that I can read for free as EPUB
  • Any/All roller derby femslash AUs
And finally, for now, day 14: In your own space, write a love letter to Fandom in general, to a particular fandom, to a trope, a relationship, a character, or to your flist/circle/followers. Share you love and squee as loud as you want to. Skipping this one as well, though if you'd like to leave a comment with the name of a character, I'll write a short drabble about someone/something THEY love!
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Today's [community profile] snowflake_challenge : In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Drop a link to your post in the comments. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser known kinks or tropes. Find fanworks that have few to no comments, or creators new to a particular fandom and maybe aren't well known or appreciated. Appreciate them.

I decided to rec the oeuvre of three people rather than just three works. Enjoy!

I'm sure you all are getting tired of hearing me brag on [personal profile] gloss , but seriously. Here are a few of her lesser-appreciated works (that I love most!)
Women Who Run with Whywolves (Adventure Time, Fionna & Cake &/ Marceline)
The Sparkle that Stings (Happy Endings, Penny/Alex)
Halfway to human (Homestuck, Jane gen)
Heartbreak Jamboree (Parks & Recreation, Ann, Ethel/Muriel)
Built to Last (Our Idiot Brother, Ned/Liz)
she is the list of my voyage (She's the Man, Olivia/Viola, ROLLER DERBY)

[personal profile] prozacpark  is the best in the business.
tv rec: "Pretty Little Liars" + why you should be watching it
more on fandom and slash, this time with stats and numbers (yes, this is the one you keep seeing on your tumblr feed, and for good reason!)
the rape of Inara: on heroines, consent, and women's sexuality
her pieces for BitchFlicks: a feminist reading of "The Ring" and madwoman's journey from the attic to the television - feminism in horror films
most developed character on "Buffy": on Joss Whedon's wisdom
gender, fantasy, and the women of Dragon Age
women, race, and agency in narratives: or why I stopped reading vertigo's Fables
tv rec: "The Inside" - seven reasons you should watch it now (I believe she has another Inside meta, but LJ is so iffy right now it's hard to track down)

This is starting to sound like rec-your-friends-hour, but [personal profile] chaila  is a legitimate talent. I love that she vids in small fandoms, and that her thought processes are so carefully played through. 
Parable (Octavia Butler's Parables series)
Keepsake (Never Let Me Go)
Rabbit Heart (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
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Today's prompt for [community profile] snowflake_challenge  is: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

I.. didn't read the prompt closely, and so I just spent three hours narrowing down my favorite fics to a list of just three that I consider my best. I suppose it's a worthwhile effort, in any case.

In no particular order:
you have always worn me well (She's the Man, Olivia/Viola/Duke)
a pinch hit (actually I don't remember if it was my assignment or not!) for last year's 3_ships. Probably the first time my initial idea actually made it to 'paper' in a way that didn't make me feel like I'd failed somewhere along the line. I'm also incredibly proud of the gender discussion here. It's not an idea I would have even considered a year or two before writing it.

A Lack of Color (The Office, Gen, Pam & Karen, Pam/Jim background)
written quickly after 6x9 "Double Date" which left me an emotional wreck of anger and sadness... but I think this fic moves far beyond cathartic working through of issues. I was quite kind to Jim, actually, which is the first sign of approaching fic in a bit more levelheaded way. I don't know. This just feels incredibly real to me, with a few moments that just scream 'The Office' for good measure.

Replacements (The Inside, Rebecca/Web, Alvarez/Web)
My first Yuletide fic, and my introduction to [personal profile] prozacpark ! Aside from that phenomenal, life-changing thing, the story that came out of her prompts is, other than being a little uneven, one of my best. I worked over section 2 with my creative writing class, so I don't think the writing is as even as it could be, but the short bits about Rebecca, and all of the implications... If I didn't write this, I would be obsessed with it. I kind of am anyway.
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  • bids open soon at rainbow_support. here's my thread with buy it now stories! STATUS = N/A
  • fivetimesbb: I don't think I'll finish this by the time I'm supposed to post, but the important part is that I'm going to finish it, damnit. This is [personal profile] prozacpark 's birthday present from LAST YEAR you guys. I need to get it done! STATUS = 45%
  • remix redux: I'm DOING it this year, damnit. STATUS = 10%
  • rarewomen: Starting this NEXT weekend! STATUS = 0%
  • [community profile] fandom_helps : I have one story left to write, and it requires quite a bit of rewatching. STATUS = 0%
  • recastbb: The now-defunct recast big bang story. I just need to finish revising and then post. STATUS = 98%
  • [community profile] femslash100  drabble cycle: Just signed up today. 30 drabbles set in my post-apocalyptic New Girl universe. Crazy? Yes please. STATUS = 0%
  • CGRG website updates: I've got a butt-ton of files to upload, but I'm caught up on everything else. STATUS = 22%
Goals for the weekend:
  • rewatch some of The Inside
  • write 500 words in fivetimesbb
  • finish season 1 of Cougar Town
  • watch one movie of your choice
  • upload two videos
  • write 500 words of your choice project
  • ...don't read Homestuck until Monday. You'll fry your vision.
  • post recast. DO IT.


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