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That went slightly better than expected... :)


Home from vacation. Still feeling strong urges to hide from the internet, so bear with me as I reintegrate myself in baby steps.
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  • Looks like my final count is $40 raised for Planned Parenthood in this round of [community profile] fandom_helps ! YAY! (I bought some things too...)
  • On that note, I can generally be persuaded to write something for any similar donation. Local Special Olympics? Women's health? Liberal organization such as HRC? Shoot me a PM. I'm absolutely serious. (Just ask before you assume I'll write.)
  • In three more days I'll have a roommate. (!!!!!!!)
  • I finished two small fandom writing things!
Title: keys under the mat at your front door
Fandom: New Girl
Pairing: Jess/Cece
Summary: Three holidays they spent together, just the two of them
@ wordpress | @ AO3

Title: four different levels of difficulty
Fandom: Suburgatory
Pairing: Tessa/Dalia
Summary: "I'm done," Dalia announces. "Now what?"
here @ [community profile] fan_flashworks
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Sundays are Damaris and Laura days, and quickly becoming my favorite days of the week. Today I went over early so we could watch The House of Yes, which I'm absolutely shocked I hadn't managed to watch before, because it hit so many of my sexual and literary kinks (yes, you can absolutely have literary kinks -- from certain plot arcs, to conflation of issues, to parenthesis) that I was a fidgeting mess by the time the film hit it's climax. Pun intended.

There's a very specific audience for this (kind of) movie, so I'm not going to give a blanket rec.

Then there was delicious food and 10,000 (which I'm told is called Farkle online). And Big Love, which I'll get to in a minute. We also watch Shameless, which I enjoy but not on a fandom-y level, aside from my devotion to Emmy Rossum's breasts (and pure adoration to little Deb and love for Joan Cusack's character Sheila).

So. On to the big show. There are endless things to find problematic about Big Love, and that hasn't stopped this season. I frankly spend so much time rolling my eyes at any scene where the wives aren't on that I probably couldn't recount what happens.

more spoilery thoughts, not processed )
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Been checking out some new television, and as is the fashion, I'll share my thoughts with you so that you can have a more educated decision when deciding what to watch.

* Haven, on SyFy. Probably won't be continuing to watch this one. Had the downfall of watching while handling a lot of drama, so I actually skimmed most of the episode but I didn't get the urge to go back and re-watch to catch what I missed either. Despite having a pretty cool main female lead, the rest of the show is made up of males (even the extras are white men). The supernatural aspect of the show is a turn off for me rather than a draw, so, I'm gladly leaving Haven there.

* Rizolli & Isles, on TNT. This is a hit for me. I like friendly-to-lesbians subtext and the heteroromance plot isn't threatening because the female leads are clearly the shows focus and clearly more badass. Yes, the show does deal in traditional crime fare such as the women-as-victims trope, but is already using that against itself. There isn't anything too deep or intellectual going on here, but for a fun cop show that isn't overrun by leading men and manpain, I'm in.

* Louis, on FX. Quite good. Not sure how regularly I'll watch since it's not character-based and not *hilarious*, but I'm enjoying it. Comedy based on single life in New York that discusses women, money, race, etc, all without being offensive--in fact, Louis C.K. is incredibly progressive for comedians in that he makes his audience think about issues and pushes buttons but still produces a watchable show. Sneaking in under the radar.

* Covert Affairs, on USA. Jury is still out. This is trying very hard to fill the niche market gap that Alias left, including many aspects such as the powerful female lead, the semi-corrupt government agency, the awesome guy friend, and a dramatic history with a romance, and even a resemblance to Jennifer Garner. However, CA has way too much focus on the broken past romance--so much so that Annie, the lead, has almost no other characterization. I don't understand her reasons for getting involved in the CIA (at least Sydney Bristow had family!reasons and not just whirlwind romance!reasons). I enjoyed the actual show, but the logic behind it is wanky.

Next entry: Smack the Pony, or The Millennium Series review (whichever I finish first).

On oil

May. 27th, 2010 07:13 pm
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Last night I had a date in Paducah. I got lost on the way there, due to attempting a new route. This resulted in an 1.5 hour drive taking an extra hour, and using up the rest of my gas tank. So, after the date, which went well, I had to fill up before making the trip home.

After getting turned around again (I've been trouble since my brother demanded I give back his GPS) I got back to the highway and decided on Fivestar. I had been thinking earlier that when I got gas eventually I wouldn't fill up at BP--you know, to protest my $20 worth.

Being unfamiliar with Kentucky's branding, I pulled into the station and unscrewed the gas cap. Fivestar... was a BP station. And friends? This is a confession. While I couldn't see another gas station there was certainly another brand nearby (I confirmed this later), however I didn't even consider leaving.

"I'll just get less than $20 dollars," I said to myself, trying to appease the guilt.

I stared at the green and yellow logo while the gas pumped, and pictured in my mind the images of the spill I had just watched on television days before. I grumbled under my breath about how stupid BP was. "What an awful company." I watched the numbers flick past. 18... 19...

My hand twitched on the grip.


Twitch... but I didn't release the pressure.

21. Full tank*.


The point? Things aren't always what they seem. A fairly innocuous-looking gas station could be a BP, and a liberal-minded girl who talks the talk might really be too lazy to do the right thing when it comes down to real life.

Maybe I'll do better next time.

*Yes, I can get a full tank for around 20 dollars. Yes, my car is awesome and gets about 30 miles to the gallon. Yes, gas is pretty cheep in the Midwest.


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