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1. Serious question: once Days of the Future Past comes out, would you or someone you love be interested in an xmmficathon return? We'd do something with opting-in on the various canons, like X3, XMFC, Wolverine, and the new film. Probably no comics options, because those are hell to match anyway.

2. Are there any rumblings of a post-season Hannibal fic exchange? Because YES PLEASE and my brain doesn't work well with open-ended prompt claiming. GIVE ME AN ASSIGNMENT.

3. I'm going to laugh until I cry or cry until I laugh if my night terrors fall off once this move is complete. My fuckin' brain, y'all.
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500% done with night terrors, y'all. Halp.

True story: I didn't even know they were night terrors until Hannibal. Who says TV isn't educational?

my review of Dysphoria by Karelia Stetz-Waters is up on Lesbrary. I've a review of Spring Breakers coming to BitchFlicks a bit later this month as well.

also recently written:

I offered drabbles in exchange for comments on the rarewomen archive and wrote two as a result.
- did it free the feelings in your spine? which is Sucker Punch gen focusing on Sweet Pea and Rocket
- only makes me stronger yet which is Runaways and Karolina/Xavin in all the ways I feel like I should apologize for the transphobic bullshit I posed when Xavin was first introduced

Also: a breath, a finger grip on a cliffside which is the Game of Thrones verse of my dreams (literally) focusing on genderqueer Cersei/Jaime/Brienne
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I offer myself to the Reverse Remix Comment-a-Thon if you've ever wanted me to write a version of something you wrote, now is the chance!

I'm settling into an idea I don't hate for not_primetime, though I'm not sure it's what my recipient wants. Course, I can't really make myself write the stuff they really want. Blerg. Sent in nominations for shipswap (at LJ) and I encourage you to, also. Not entirely sure if I'm going to sign up (oh, who am I kidding?) but there are some nice lady pairings.

I'm having a lot of trouble with memory and focusing lately. I could google a solution, but I trust you all and your experiences more. Are there good foods or vitamins to partake in that help deal with this sort of thing? Not sure how much longer I can deal with walking around with no idea why I got up, or completely forgetting that I'm supposed to be working on ONE thing when my brain has switched to the other. Makes me feel half-asleep.
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And by it, I mean my longest fic ever AND Homestuck. HOLY BEJESUS. Yesterday was eventful!

Title: play the song without the hook in the third line
Info: Parks & Recreation as Imagine Me & You (minus the happy ending, sorry)
Summary: Ann’s getting married, and as the Parks Department Deputy Director, it’s Leslie’s duty to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. And that’s the problem: it does.
Links: at AO3 -- at wordpress

It's over 9,000 words, you guys! *victory dance*


It feels so weird to actually be caught up and not have a gazillion pages to read today until my eyes feel like they're going to fall out. But, oh goodness, I'm so happy that I took this journey. I'm sure I'll write more about it in my monthly media post, but oh my. I love all of the characters so much.

Other stuff...

It's the weekend! I made it past the one-week mark on my new meds, and for the most part? I feel awesome. This is so good. The weekend looks pretty calm from here: tonight I have a TV date with [personal profile] prozacpark  and [personal profile] meganbmoore  (and Fringe. May have double-booked... oops) and then tomorrow is volunteering at a telethon (!!!), lunch at Lambert's (where they throw rolls at you) and The Hunger Games sometime in the afternoon/evening. And then Mad Men is back on Sunday! AIEE!
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 Started new meds on Wednesday and it's been a deceptively smooth ride until today. I was feeling a bit iffy when I got to work, and quickly guilt and shame spiraled to where I couldn't eat lunch, and THAT helped me spiral into grinding my teeth and needing to sleep right when I got home... to wake up five hours later, shower, eat and feel remotely human. I guess all the meds in the world don't help when you're programmed to immediately jump to the doomsday scenario.


My cat just curled up on a plastic bag because he is awesome.

I got most of my to-do list from the weekend done (yay!) but tonight's list is just going to have to sit until tomorrow. 
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I made a post of the things I watched and read and such, so if you are interested, that is here. (If you're inclined to comment, feel free to do so here rather than there as the back-and-forth on wp isn't the greatest.)


I haven't been writing at ALL lately. I'm going to bed an hour earlier, and am still constantly exhausted. (Pretty sure the former is due to being on meds again, sigh, and the latter is totally unrelated and terrifying and I don't want to think about it.)

Finally, almost a week later, getting used to having someone living with me. Talking with mage_girl helped -- I'm still pretty scarred from living with K. (RIP) and my subconscious is trained to hear things like crying or puking so even when things are hunky dory I'm obsessing over what Could Go Wrong. But, like I said, that's letting up a bit now. Haven't felt that blind panic in 24 hours, which is nice.


Hi, March~


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