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Today's [community profile] snowflake_challenge : In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Drop a link to your post in the comments. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser known kinks or tropes. Find fanworks that have few to no comments, or creators new to a particular fandom and maybe aren't well known or appreciated. Appreciate them.

I decided to rec the oeuvre of three people rather than just three works. Enjoy!

I'm sure you all are getting tired of hearing me brag on [personal profile] gloss , but seriously. Here are a few of her lesser-appreciated works (that I love most!)
Women Who Run with Whywolves (Adventure Time, Fionna & Cake &/ Marceline)
The Sparkle that Stings (Happy Endings, Penny/Alex)
Halfway to human (Homestuck, Jane gen)
Heartbreak Jamboree (Parks & Recreation, Ann, Ethel/Muriel)
Built to Last (Our Idiot Brother, Ned/Liz)
she is the list of my voyage (She's the Man, Olivia/Viola, ROLLER DERBY)

[personal profile] prozacpark  is the best in the business.
tv rec: "Pretty Little Liars" + why you should be watching it
more on fandom and slash, this time with stats and numbers (yes, this is the one you keep seeing on your tumblr feed, and for good reason!)
the rape of Inara: on heroines, consent, and women's sexuality
her pieces for BitchFlicks: a feminist reading of "The Ring" and madwoman's journey from the attic to the television - feminism in horror films
most developed character on "Buffy": on Joss Whedon's wisdom
gender, fantasy, and the women of Dragon Age
women, race, and agency in narratives: or why I stopped reading vertigo's Fables
tv rec: "The Inside" - seven reasons you should watch it now (I believe she has another Inside meta, but LJ is so iffy right now it's hard to track down)

This is starting to sound like rec-your-friends-hour, but [personal profile] chaila  is a legitimate talent. I love that she vids in small fandoms, and that her thought processes are so carefully played through. 
Parable (Octavia Butler's Parables series)
Keepsake (Never Let Me Go)
Rabbit Heart (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)
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I didn't request Parks this year. I think I will continue to feel weird about this.

Here's what I *did* request:
Listed fandom requests:
1. DCU - Batverse: Renee Montoya/Kate Kane, Renee Montoya/Helena Bertinelli, Renee Montoya/Daria Hernandez, Renee Montoya/Barbara Gordon
2. Homestuck: Roxy Lalonde/Rose Lalonde, Roxy Lalonde/Calliope, Roxy Lalonde/Porrim Maryam
Wildcard fandom requests:
1. Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23: Chloe/June, Chloe/Robin, Robin/June, Tall Slut No Panties/Bowling Girl
2. For a Good Time, Call...: Katie/Lauren
3. Code Name Verity: Maddie/Julie

Details, if you want them, are under the cut.
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can't figure out for the life of me why i'm procrastinating on taking a fucking shower when i'm exhausted and need to go to sleep but whatever. 
not sure how much i'll be around this week but i made it home safe from CONvergence and oh what a delightful weekend it was (that sounds sarcastic. it is not sarcastic. that also sounds sarcastic. maybe it is the all lowercase.) turns out, i do a lot of awesome brainstorming on long drives by myself. a few brief notes
  • make blog post about epilepsy. that fucking brain disease.
  • make blog post about your connection to native culture. maybe. edit it a lot before it goes life. be careful. do research.
  • blog about chiropractic.
  • the secret thing that only gloss will read. yeah you know what i'm talking about. yep. 
  • jane cosplay take two. remember the mustache this time. sigh with shame. make your mother take the photo. possibly outdoors where the neighbors can see.
  • watch burning love
  • but really you should finish x-files season 6 first
  • try community again?
  • ann raises her hand and leslie, politely calls on her. um, leslie, she says. remember the time you accidentally handed out the binders of your wizard fanfiction at the clean water committee? (you promised not to ever mention that again, leslie hisses)
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In this, the inaugural year of shipswap (at LJ), I have asked for:
  • New Girl - Jessica Day/Cece Meyers
  • Parks & Recreation - Ann Perkins/Leslie Knope, Ann Perkins/Ben Wyatt, Ann Perkins/Lucy
  • Game of Thrones - Cersei Lannister/Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister/Brienne of Tarth, Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister
  • Homestuck - Jane Crocker/Roxy Lalonde, Rose Lalonde/Vriska Serket, Roxy Lalonde/Nepeta Lejion
  • The X-Files - Monica Reyes/Dana Scully

More details below!
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I guess I'm finally getting attached to DW because I notice myself getting weirdly lonely when I don't post for a day or so. Good thing?

- I've started my mid-series rewatch of X-Files for[personal profile] wendelah1 's fic. Having a serious case of Scully feelings.
- Finished my Roxy wig (it was a hideous mid-back length thing and is now short, flouncy and GORGEOUS) and am making good (but blistery) progress on my scarf. (Knitting note: I freaking love these smaller needles, and the plastic is awesomely bendy and grippy, but it's ripping my skin up. I have no fewer than four blisters on assorted fingers and it makes progress quite a bit slower. Bah. Also: "I Love This Yarn" yarn is AMAZING. For the record.) I'm probably going to start on the skirts this weekend. Or Monday.
- Relaxing evening tonight. The mall with T, plotting WisCon schedule with H. Sleeeeeeeep. More relaxing tomorrow. Catching up on television (The only new stuff I've watched this week is New Girl.) and more X-Files. Goodwill for the Great Fedora Search of 2012. Then driving home on Sunday to see my mom because the hi-I'm-moving-cross-country-and-you-can-probably-never-afford-to-visit guilt is starting to pile up.

I don't feel like I can start any big writing projects between not_primetime and catching up on my donation fics, but I'd be tickled for some drabble prompts, if you are so inclined. Fandoms of the week being Homestuck, Parks (I'm trying to exorcize something, apparently), New Girl, Suburgatory, Mad Men, Game of Thrones (no dudes or Arya, please). And no, I'm probably not seeing The Avengers for another year or so. And I'm a little sick of hearing about it.

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I forgot to post it: my April media post. Uh, you can tell that I am on leave from derby because holy crap I watched a lot. Contains fic recs for Homestuck and ASOIAF.

Finally calm enough to focus on paperwork today (I hope) but that doesn't stop me from thinking and planning and whee! I got all the stuff for my CON costumes yesterday (spent a little too much at the craft store, but what else are craft stores for than for HURTING YOUR WALLET?!) and I am super pumped.

Detailies )

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And by it, I mean my longest fic ever AND Homestuck. HOLY BEJESUS. Yesterday was eventful!

Title: play the song without the hook in the third line
Info: Parks & Recreation as Imagine Me & You (minus the happy ending, sorry)
Summary: Ann’s getting married, and as the Parks Department Deputy Director, it’s Leslie’s duty to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. And that’s the problem: it does.
Links: at AO3 -- at wordpress

It's over 9,000 words, you guys! *victory dance*


It feels so weird to actually be caught up and not have a gazillion pages to read today until my eyes feel like they're going to fall out. But, oh goodness, I'm so happy that I took this journey. I'm sure I'll write more about it in my monthly media post, but oh my. I love all of the characters so much.

Other stuff...

It's the weekend! I made it past the one-week mark on my new meds, and for the most part? I feel awesome. This is so good. The weekend looks pretty calm from here: tonight I have a TV date with [personal profile] prozacpark  and [personal profile] meganbmoore  (and Fringe. May have double-booked... oops) and then tomorrow is volunteering at a telethon (!!!), lunch at Lambert's (where they throw rolls at you) and The Hunger Games sometime in the afternoon/evening. And then Mad Men is back on Sunday! AIEE!
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  • bids open soon at rainbow_support. here's my thread with buy it now stories! STATUS = N/A
  • fivetimesbb: I don't think I'll finish this by the time I'm supposed to post, but the important part is that I'm going to finish it, damnit. This is [personal profile] prozacpark 's birthday present from LAST YEAR you guys. I need to get it done! STATUS = 45%
  • remix redux: I'm DOING it this year, damnit. STATUS = 10%
  • rarewomen: Starting this NEXT weekend! STATUS = 0%
  • [community profile] fandom_helps : I have one story left to write, and it requires quite a bit of rewatching. STATUS = 0%
  • recastbb: The now-defunct recast big bang story. I just need to finish revising and then post. STATUS = 98%
  • [community profile] femslash100  drabble cycle: Just signed up today. 30 drabbles set in my post-apocalyptic New Girl universe. Crazy? Yes please. STATUS = 0%
  • CGRG website updates: I've got a butt-ton of files to upload, but I'm caught up on everything else. STATUS = 22%
Goals for the weekend:
  • rewatch some of The Inside
  • write 500 words in fivetimesbb
  • finish season 1 of Cougar Town
  • watch one movie of your choice
  • upload two videos
  • write 500 words of your choice project
  • ...don't read Homestuck until Monday. You'll fry your vision.
  • post recast. DO IT.


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