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2015 Resolution/Goals: 15 books, 60 movies/TV seasons, more selfies, one Femme Friday a month, actually submit at least one piece to at least one press
Status: Books and movies/TV shows = check!, more selfies = pretty good, Femme Friday = gave that up, submission = mrehhh but I guess for a loop hole, I wrote for publication at work!

2016 Resolution/Goals: Neutralize debt, move in with Liz, 15 non-work books.


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I have a massive collection of ridiculous cards that may or may not have anything to do with the season or particular holidays. 

If you would like to receive one, please comment with name, address, and if you have any preferences in terms of do not want or really want.

Comments are screened.
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Other than a more casual self-directive to be more healthy, and continue with the process of finishing my thesis and GRADUATING, my official resolution is to attempt to 

-- read 30 books
-- watch 50 movies

and log them here.

Have a lovely rest of holiday!
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Note: I may be even less able to participate in giving back through these lists this year because I'm trying to wrap up a lot of things and work on several projects. That said, I like presents, damn it!

1. Stories/vids/RECS/icons/remixes/fanmixes for the various things I've requested in recent fests. I've been asking for a lot of the same things, so that should help :P Links here and here and here and here. (Fandoms mentioned are: Bunheads, Community, Gravity, The Inside, Masters of Sex, Orphan Black, Hard Candy, Sleepy Hollow, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Cahill Witch Chronicles, Evil Dead, Top of the Lake, Stoker, Dogtooth, Mad Men, Runaways, Hannibal, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars.) Additionally, I am re-reading Sarah Waters and would love anything in those verses, and just saw Catching Fire and reminded myself how obsessed I am with Johanna. Desperately in need of fic/recs for her, femslash, poly... anything good! Oh, and Rogue. Always. Feel free to include anything you make in the gift collection they belong to rather than gifting solely to me. 

2. Recs for TV/movies/music/books based on things I already enjoy. 

3. Paperbackswap.com credits (if you have extras you don't want!)

4. Used comics or collections! I have trouble reading them digitally, but want desperately to be caught up on a few titles. Namely:
-- Young Avengers, new run, all issues but #1
-- Anything featuring the Runaways? IDK, I am probably missing some
-- Lazarus #4 and onward
-- Any really gr8 Scarlet Witch or Black Widow comics. I'm new to them, but again, shit at reading digitally.
(Note: I can totally mail these back to you when I'm done. Of course, I might have them for like a year or more. *cough prozacpark's Excalibur collection cough*)

5. Healthy, good snack foods. I'm terrible at eating well, but snacks that I find appealing help cut that. Of course, they usually go over budget. This is last on the list, because I don't think I know anyone who isn't struggling for funds right now... but I'd love a box of something you enjoy, or a week of graze (or similar) or a gift card to something like Whole Foods. 

Address available upon request. Love you all, and I'll be on the lookout for your lists!
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Heading to my dad's house shortly. Leaving a quick hug for the internets and a reminder that there will be a drabble awarded to anyone who guesses the one story I wrote for this yuletide collection. No sign up to go by... IT COULD BE ANYTHING.
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I'm not participating in any holiday-centric exchanges this year, but I don't know. A wishlist seems like something I should post.

1. Mail! I love cards and postcards and letters (handwritten, typed, on napkins, from characters). If you have a card exchange post, please link me! Here's where you can give me your address for a card from me!

2. Incredibly fluffy icons, drabbles, vids, podfic, photo sets, art. If you have excess time/energy or just want prompts... there are more than a few under the cut!

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