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Operation see-if-someone-nominates-my-stuff has so far been more or less successful! 

General Likes: Ladies! Neuro-atypicality! Relationships that don't necessarily hinge on sexuality! Everyday moments/domesticity! Character development! Lit/pretentious-fic (clarification: I don't consider it pretentious, but I've seen some authors self-label that way). Dialogue. Women holding their own, defending themselves. 

Hard lines: Please warn/note for rape, abuse, drugs, graphic violence, disordered eating. As long as they are noted, including them is fine. I just like a head's up.

Specific Requests: I would love character-focused gen, more action-y case/fight gen, family drama, femslash, incest, pre-canon, during-canon, post-canon for ANY of these. 

True Detective Season 2 (Antigone Bezzerides)
  • her past, abduction, trauma
  • recovery, learning the knife, police academy
  • complicated cases
  • Argentina with Jordan and the baby
Fear The Walking Dead (Alicia Clark)
  • trauma of this new world
  • survival with Ofelia
  • dealing with Nick's addiction
  • "lighter' moments with Chris
Top of the Lake (Robin Griffin)
  • history, layers of pseudo-incest with Johnno
  • complicated cases
  • misandry! trauma, the endlessness of abuses
  • living moments with Tui or Johnno or anyone
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After a year off of the exchange, I am tentatively back but playing it super safe with my offers and requests. I have requested only fandoms and characters with which I would be pleased to read nearly everything. I don't have many hardline triggers/squicks, but they differ in each fandom. Optional details are, of course, optional. If you would like more details, you should feel welcome to contact [personal profile] prozacpark  and ask questions (she's cool with this arrangement!), or ask vague things anon on tumblr (I am aphrodite-mine there, too).

With that out of the way: THANK YOU, author! I love stories! I love that you offered to write women for this exchange! For any fandom you may have matched on, I would love femslash, femgen, or incest (if applicable). Here are my requests:

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Heading to my dad's house shortly. Leaving a quick hug for the internets and a reminder that there will be a drabble awarded to anyone who guesses the one story I wrote for this yuletide collection. No sign up to go by... IT COULD BE ANYTHING.


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