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The rarewomen archive is live, as of this morning, with a story for everyone and 220 fics! *collapses happily*

I wrote:

that black forest and the fire in earnest (The Awakening (2011), Florence Cathcart, horrorgen)
She turns her head, suddenly aware of a thousand aching pieces, parts, joints, whispering or howling for attention. Hands, wrapping and re-wrapping a kind of gauze. Female hands, female arms, and there. A face. The girl is young with a round face that seems at once utterly foreign and intensely familiar. It is her eyes Florence knows -- absurd, since she’s certain the girl at her side is stranger, but true.

“What has happened?” Florence manages, each word tasting like dust.


we are the half-destroyed instruments that once held to a course (The X-Files, Dana Scully/Samantha Mulder/Monica Reyes, prefemslashy mystery adventure and awkward flirting)
“That’s what I’m proposing, yes. And be patient, Sam. Good things come to those who wait.”

“Not much comes to those who wait, you mean,” Mulder teases, knocking Reyes in the arm, an easy physical motion that could mean nothing or everything. Scully tries to remember the last time Mulder touched her like that -- they are partners, after all -- and surfaces blank, thinking only of her fingers tight around Mulder’s arm, Scully trying to quell her own shaking.

She’s not sure, then, exactly what she’s seeking.

Perhaps that is what scares Scully most about all of this.

I received a lovely, fluffy rom-com of a New Girl story from flipflop_diva: The End (It's Coming Closer) (Jess/Cece, zombies. And yes, you can have zombie-related fluff!)

For the rest of May I'll be 
  • moving (!!!!)
  • reworking my Spring Breakers review for BitchFlicks
  • writing a book review for the Lesbrary
  • and gathering ideas for not_primetime and intoabar
Hope you all are feeling lovely!
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Hi writer, participant, and overall cool-person! We have matched on a totally rad lady from Bomb Girls, Bunheads, For A Good Time, Call..., The Inside, New Girl, or The Office which means that not only are you a totally rad person but you have rad taste in rad ladies! Here's what I requested and some additional information you might want.


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In this, the inaugural year of shipswap (at LJ), I have asked for:
  • New Girl - Jessica Day/Cece Meyers
  • Parks & Recreation - Ann Perkins/Leslie Knope, Ann Perkins/Ben Wyatt, Ann Perkins/Lucy
  • Game of Thrones - Cersei Lannister/Sansa Stark, Cersei Lannister/Brienne of Tarth, Cersei Lannister/Jaime Lannister
  • Homestuck - Jane Crocker/Roxy Lalonde, Rose Lalonde/Vriska Serket, Roxy Lalonde/Nepeta Lejion
  • The X-Files - Monica Reyes/Dana Scully

More details below!
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  • Looks like my final count is $40 raised for Planned Parenthood in this round of [community profile] fandom_helps ! YAY! (I bought some things too...)
  • On that note, I can generally be persuaded to write something for any similar donation. Local Special Olympics? Women's health? Liberal organization such as HRC? Shoot me a PM. I'm absolutely serious. (Just ask before you assume I'll write.)
  • In three more days I'll have a roommate. (!!!!!!!)
  • I finished two small fandom writing things!
Title: keys under the mat at your front door
Fandom: New Girl
Pairing: Jess/Cece
Summary: Three holidays they spent together, just the two of them
@ wordpress | @ AO3

Title: four different levels of difficulty
Fandom: Suburgatory
Pairing: Tessa/Dalia
Summary: "I'm done," Dalia announces. "Now what?"
here @ [community profile] fan_flashworks
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 Things that I did today:

1. Tidied up fivetimesbb idea into something manageable (two crossovers out of five agree)
2. Finished my part of the rarewomen matching spreadsheets
3. Shopped, briefly
4. Drove an hour and a half with two passengers and said only one sentence (oh, introversion!)
5. Thought about recast_bigbang (It starts at a wedding.)
6. Thought about New Girl and zombies (Jess makes the first kill, screaming and flailing wildly with the only weapon available, her crochet needles. Cece is surprised by how quickly she becomes really fucking good at shooting a rifle.)
7. Thought about a Parks high school AU (Ann feels herself slipping deeper and deeper into Leslie and Lindsay's over-lapping shadows as they move farther and farther apart.)
8. Held up a score board
9. Drove an hour and a half with two passengers and talked slightly more 
10. Thought about how awesome roller derby is. And it is. Awesome.
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Let me tell you about a little show called "New Girl."

You guys. You guys. You guys.

Watch this show.

I started last night, on [personal profile] gloss 's recommendation, and holy crap sandwiches, does this show fill my pending Parks void. LIKE WHOA. I mean, there's definitely a formula in place that seems to work for me: perky, positive, quirky young female; of-undetermined-slightly-non-white, beautiful best friend; cast of dudes (including DoC) there to support perky, positive, quirky young female's adventures and shenanigans. Sound familiar? Maybe this is a bad thing, maybe I'm just setting myself up for failure... but I came in with low expectations (expectations that might not be so low post the HOLY BECHDEL PASSING "Jess and Julia") and came away laughing hysterically, and talking and singing to myself... and okay, a lot of that might be the energy drink I accidentally drank last night.

(Accidentally? you say. All of the good flavors of single-serve drink mix had ENERGY on them. I had no idea they meant it! DRAGON FRUIT!)

So, basically. Watch New Girl. I watched 10-12 and 1-5 last night, and I think that if I had actually watched from the beginning instead of starting with the IMPOSSIBLY GAY AND AMAZING LIZZY CAPLAN PLOTLINE I might have quit this gem. But it really hits a stride by episode 3, and while I could do without "Naked" it also has SO MANY CHARMING THINGS AND HILARIOUSNESS. Also an AMAZING cast of female guest stars including Natasha Lyonne (who, holy crap, has gotten SUPER hot) and Lake Bell.

And now I have to go tally up the final batch of rarewomen sign ups, fill in my monthly data entry books, and write fic.

(Um. And if any femslash exists already, you need to link it to me. Post haste.)


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