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You've got mod! *grins* Don't be nervous, writer! We've matched on a character I dearly love and would be happy to read ANYTHING about! Even in fandoms where I've only officially requested one woman, I would LOVE a Bechdel test pass. Otherwise... have FUN. I'm including a few inspirational ideas as well as squicks and ships for each fandom, if you would like them. If you stumble onto a question I haven't answered for you, prozacpark would be a good resource (I promise, she's okay with this arrangement!).

Otherwise, my tumblr is also aphrodite_mine, and I talk about women a LOT there!

INFO! (Some copied/pasted from previous letters)

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I made Something We Are All Intimately Involved In for franzeska, which was so far outside of my wheelhouse, I don't even know! Ultimately, I had fun. I got to watch Crash a few times through which is always delightful. I'm not sure how much of this is the vid I dreamed up, but I think it works as a sort of atmospheric slash vid? I had a lot of unexpected trouble with software/new computer/being super rusty at vidding and hopefully?? that doesn't come across. 

It's pretty hilarious/ironic that I ended up making a boyslash vid because it seems that my requests inspired a HUGE FLURRY OF WOMEN/FEMINIST/FEMSLASH vids and I basically still want to die they make me so happy.


Fandom activism can be a-mazing, I won't lie about that. But sometimes I feel like a few of us are shouting into a void and the only thing coming back is echoes. [Disclaimer: that is absolutely not the case, but it doesn't change how down I can get.] I feel like fandom is a space in which I can actually make a difference, slowly, through things like only writing and requesting women and GQ characters, through co-running rarewomen, and through quietly, constantly, defending and loving the women you hate.

It gave me THE MOST HAPPY to see the things made based off of my prompts.

[personal profile] chaila  made Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down (Top of the Lake) which she talks about a little here. In retrospect, I should have known this was chaila! I guessed another of her vids -- Paradise Circus (Stoker) -- and REALLY should have seen the tell-tale chaila-ness here as well. After all, she DID say she was going to make a vid for this great miniseries even if she wasn't assigned to it!

[personal profile] eruthros , who I've been getting to know on twitter, made me TWO vids. Both for the exquisite Masters of Sex. It is to their credit that I would never have guessed they were made by the same person! THEY ARE VERY DIFFERENT VIDS! Studies in Human Sexual Response: She Bop is hilarious and sexy and a wonderful celebration of ladies having orgasms! Also, parachute, which is a beautiful, sad, comparison between Virginia with Bill and Virginia with Lillian and it makes me the MOST sad because Lillian is probably gonna die and history tells us that Virginia and Bill... don't. For awhile anyway. (And not that I don't like Virginia with Bill, but I wish she could be more of Lillian!Virginia with him. And he would stop being an ass.)

TO TOP IT ALL OFF, [personal profile] anoel  made Love, Save the Empty (Masters of Sex) which is the blatant Lillian/Virginia shipping vid I had no idea I wanted and needed SO DESPERATELY.

In short: Thank you for making this exchange, and my life, a delight.
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Some details for you are below the cut, but really all you need to know is that I LOVE ladies. SO MUCH. I also like the idea of the pieces of this exchange as literal mishlochei manot for the characters. Fluff! My particular fluff tropes/narratives include: snowed in! sharing a bed/sleeping bag! cooking together! one character watching another character sleep! kisses! fake dating! being smart and competent at a job or passion! having positive lady mentors! teen au! fusion au! forget the haters, lets do the things we love OUR way!

Several of these fandoms feature Jewish characters, and evil viziers, so feel free to highlight or focus on them in addition to my little notes. I'm not Jewish myself but please don't let that keep you from taking these pieces in whatever direction you'd like. I have some additional notes on some of these fandoms in my Galentine's Day letter.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Everyone is amazing and nothing hurts. I ship Amy/Rosa. 
Bunheads: I love literally every woman on this show. I ship Michelle/Sasha, Michelle/Truly, Michelle/Fanny, Boo/Sasha, Ginny/Mel, Truly/Milly, Michelle/Talia, Mel/Cozette.
Community: Sometimes canon makes me feel iffy, but the potential for AUs and childlike joy keep me coming back. I ship Annie/Britta, Britta/Slater, and Annie/Britta/Jeff.
The Inside: Truly brutal canon. Perhaps, there are small moments of light in this bleak existance? Platonic ships only.
Lost Girl: Mostly, I want an orgy of happy feelings and stupid (read: pretty) faces. I ship Tamsin/Bo, Lauren/Bo, Kenzi/Bo, Kenzi/Lauren, Tamsin/Lauren, Kenzi/Tamsin and brotp Lauren/Dyson.
Masters of Sex: Competent, smart, and daring ladies everywhere! I ship Virginia/Lillian, Virginia/Libby, Virginia/Betty.
Orphan Black: So many ladies its easy to forget that most of the are played by one person. I ship Beth/Alison, Alison/Sarah, Sarah/Helena (in a fluffy way?), Delphine/Rachel.
Pretty Little Liars: Okay, I haven't watched all of canon yet but I'm spoiled I promise. I ship Emily/Paige, Emily/Spencer, Emily/Alison and every threesomey mashup between them.
Runaways: Comic of my heart! I ship Karolina/Nico, Karolina/Xavin, Karolina/Julie Power, and brotp Karolina/Chase.
Top of the Lake: Somewhere beneath the crushing blow of this, there is so much hope. I ship Robin/Johnno.

TV Meme

Dec. 18th, 2013 05:28 pm
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Which TV show did you start watching in 2013?
Hannibal, The Fall, Orange is the New Black, Sleepy Hollow, Top of the Lake, Happy Endings, Teen Wolf, Orphan Black, Masters of Sex, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, @midnight, Dracula, The Bridge.

Which TV show did you let go of in 2013?
Bob's Burgers pretty early on. I kept forgetting it was on and for me that is pretty sure sign of losing interest. Parks and Recreation, for the most part -- at least, emotionally let go. I also would have dropped Sleepy Hollow, but lady is super fond of it. Degrassi.

Which TV show did you mean to get into but didn't in 2013? Why?
Bates Motel had some appeal, but was so rapey that I just... couldn't. The Wentworth pilot is engrossing and very Australian and full of women, but it just kept getting pushed to the backburner. I also tried the Danish version of The Bridge and just... was not interested. At all. The Whose Line reboot. Everything was off about it. The Fosters.

Which TV show do you intend to check out in 2014?
Black Sails, and Getting On, at least for a trial run. I'll finally get past the first episode of Hit & Miss. Possibly Penny Dreadful.

Which TV show impressed you least in 2013?
I was pretty cranky about the "changes" in Project Runway that ended up being totally useless. And New Girl. When your favorite character is a cat, something's probably wrong. American Horror Story: Coven. I figured it would be racist, but I had no idea.

Which TV show did you enjoy the most in 2013?
Orphan Black and Top of the Lake are a pretty serious tie. Honorable mentions are Hannibal, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Masters of Sex.
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This is my FIRST YEAR participating! If I've managed to do something that's frowned upon in my sign up, please ignore it! I LOVE women. I love visual media. And I love music! My favorite vids are ones that make me consider the original media in a new light. I know that's sort of... out there? But yeah. There's no need to build a whole other AU or a plotline -- though those things are perfectly rad! -- because I like just... THINKING about media and seeing things in different orders, with different music, different pacing, and seeing how those things change the media. For insight into the sort of music I most like, check out my last.fm page. Overall, I prefer more serious vids than hilarious montages of silly things. 

A bit more info on the fandoms I selected...

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After a year off of the exchange, I am tentatively back but playing it super safe with my offers and requests. I have requested only fandoms and characters with which I would be pleased to read nearly everything. I don't have many hardline triggers/squicks, but they differ in each fandom. Optional details are, of course, optional. If you would like more details, you should feel welcome to contact [personal profile] prozacpark  and ask questions (she's cool with this arrangement!), or ask vague things anon on tumblr (I am aphrodite-mine there, too).

With that out of the way: THANK YOU, author! I love stories! I love that you offered to write women for this exchange! For any fandom you may have matched on, I would love femslash, femgen, or incest (if applicable). Here are my requests:

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