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I wrote up my Evil!Annie cosplay how-to (with pics of the process and final product) HERE.

Under the cut are a few images I've posted elsewhere of other cosplays I found noteworthy!

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can't figure out for the life of me why i'm procrastinating on taking a fucking shower when i'm exhausted and need to go to sleep but whatever. 
not sure how much i'll be around this week but i made it home safe from CONvergence and oh what a delightful weekend it was (that sounds sarcastic. it is not sarcastic. that also sounds sarcastic. maybe it is the all lowercase.) turns out, i do a lot of awesome brainstorming on long drives by myself. a few brief notes
  • make blog post about epilepsy. that fucking brain disease.
  • make blog post about your connection to native culture. maybe. edit it a lot before it goes life. be careful. do research.
  • blog about chiropractic.
  • the secret thing that only gloss will read. yeah you know what i'm talking about. yep. 
  • jane cosplay take two. remember the mustache this time. sigh with shame. make your mother take the photo. possibly outdoors where the neighbors can see.
  • watch burning love
  • but really you should finish x-files season 6 first
  • try community again?
  • ann raises her hand and leslie, politely calls on her. um, leslie, she says. remember the time you accidentally handed out the binders of your wizard fanfiction at the clean water committee? (you promised not to ever mention that again, leslie hisses)
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 If I believed in god (well, I kind of do. It's complicated.) I would say that he/she/it was definitely making up for lost time this weekend. More likely, it's the fact that my making good choices actually rewards itself, whether by chance or by plan. 

I was originally going to spend the whole weekend at home, so this weekend was left empty of plans around town. Turns out that's exactly what I needed. I had a fantastic and relaxing evening with Tiffany last night, dinner at Panera and then mall-wandering where I found two super-cute dresses at Old Navy on sale and a fedora (THE MISSING PIECE TO MY JANE COSTUME) on clearance at Claire's. BOOM. Then today, after taking T to work, and knowing that I had no deadlines looming, I took my time having lunch, getting coffee and reading at Starbucks, wandering Salvation Army (and running into D and L in the parking lot. They don't even LIVE in this town. Totally unexpected and totally awesome since our usual Sunday is canceled tomorrow), chatting with B while she was on layover. Get home, and my cat comes back (he'd gotten out in the AM) after both neighbors checked in. One is a potential cat home (YAY) and the other, now that I think about it, might want my couch and bed, which would be A-MAZING because then I wouldn't have to move them to Goodwill when inevitably no one wants to purchase them. DOUBLE BOOM. 

Watched some X-Files, got about a foot added to my scarf, and a running start on the first skirt. Some packing, too, which at this point mostly consists of sorting and throwing a ton of crap away. 

And to top it all off, after two and a half months, I FINALLY GOT MY PERIOD. *tosses tampons in the air and dances*
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I guess I'm finally getting attached to DW because I notice myself getting weirdly lonely when I don't post for a day or so. Good thing?

- I've started my mid-series rewatch of X-Files for[personal profile] wendelah1 's fic. Having a serious case of Scully feelings.
- Finished my Roxy wig (it was a hideous mid-back length thing and is now short, flouncy and GORGEOUS) and am making good (but blistery) progress on my scarf. (Knitting note: I freaking love these smaller needles, and the plastic is awesomely bendy and grippy, but it's ripping my skin up. I have no fewer than four blisters on assorted fingers and it makes progress quite a bit slower. Bah. Also: "I Love This Yarn" yarn is AMAZING. For the record.) I'm probably going to start on the skirts this weekend. Or Monday.
- Relaxing evening tonight. The mall with T, plotting WisCon schedule with H. Sleeeeeeeep. More relaxing tomorrow. Catching up on television (The only new stuff I've watched this week is New Girl.) and more X-Files. Goodwill for the Great Fedora Search of 2012. Then driving home on Sunday to see my mom because the hi-I'm-moving-cross-country-and-you-can-probably-never-afford-to-visit guilt is starting to pile up.

I don't feel like I can start any big writing projects between not_primetime and catching up on my donation fics, but I'd be tickled for some drabble prompts, if you are so inclined. Fandoms of the week being Homestuck, Parks (I'm trying to exorcize something, apparently), New Girl, Suburgatory, Mad Men, Game of Thrones (no dudes or Arya, please). And no, I'm probably not seeing The Avengers for another year or so. And I'm a little sick of hearing about it.


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