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I'm two away from finishing [community profile] hc_bingo , assuming that I can fill the prompts "stranded/survival scenario" and "forced to hurt somebody". Any ideas?


In case you don't follow my fic feed or otherwise and are still interested in ye olde writing, here's what I've finished lately:

For jb_slasher for rainbow_support I wrote colors bleeding into one that hasn't got a name, which is Black Swan fic and a sort of disjointed study of Nina, mostly pre-movie. I also write a drabble, I have made a vocation of it, a short thing about Briony, post the bulk of the movie/novel.

And in bizarre crackship news, I finally watched the two episodes I'd missed in this season of Mad Men ("The Other Woman" was damn traumatizing. Actually, this whole season was.) and finished up make my timbers shake about two meetings between Joyce Ramsay and Beth Dawes.


The gossip blogs are reporting that Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny have shacked up. I have no idea why, but I'm totally thrilled.
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Right now, I'm looking at a parallel diagonal with moving/nervous breakdown/fever and natural disasters/death. Cheerful! I might consider the opposite side as well, illness/comfort food and fever/loss of identity/mind control. I'm actually working on a fill right now (stupid brain, doesn't play by to-do list rules) that could work for nervous breakdown, loss of identity, or brainwashing (yay Mad Men! Yay rare slash!). 

My goals right now are:
  • at least three different fandoms (and no repeat fandoms/pairings from exchange fics)
  • at least one non-fic entry
  • all femslash or femgen (??????)
  • at least one fandom I've never written
  • all (??????) rare fandoms


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