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Art and/or Fiction requested.

Likes: For the most part, what I want out of my fandom experience is not what is already doled out in canon. I'm generally fond of the various canon iterations of these characters and their relationships, so if a request seems to contradict that for you, I'd prefer AU or poly over cheating. I have a STRONG affinity for themes of domesticity, being kind and helping one another, replacement (being with someone because you/both of you cannot be with the person you really want to be with, being with someone while thinking of someone else), forced space-sharing scenarios like sharing a bed, cuddling for warmpth, or snowed in. Fake dating/fake married. I don't mind AUs that displace in time/space, but like to keep things like power and relationships at least close to the same. I like all kinds of women. Neurodivergence. Women holding their own, defending themselves. And cuddles. I like cuddles.

Dislikes: For UnREAL and Degrassi, anything is fine as long as content notes warn me. For Star Wars, The Office, and Crossovers, I would prefer to avoid graphic rape, disordered eating, self-harm, or graphic death.

Art-specific Notes (if applicable): I can give or take detailed backgrounds -- what I'm interested in are the characters. Please don't skin-lighten. I strongly lean towards not wanting NSFW art -- nudity/sex acts tend to make me uncomfortable. But sex poses while clothed are A+.

Additional notes and possible inspiration live at my dear author tag. I would be happy to answer any questions anon here, or through [personal profile] gloss or [profile] crossing_hades .

Star Wars: Jyn/Leia, Evann/Leia, Sana/Leia, Mara/Leia, Shara/Leia, Rey/Jaina Solo
  • force sensitivity and disguises!
The Office: Karen/Katy, Pam/Karen
  • pining and (maybe) future AUs!
UnREAL: Rachel/Quinn
  • just fuck me up
Degrassi the Next Generation: Fiona/Holly J, Fiona/Imogen, Mia/Jane, Paige/Alex
  • first love, first kiss, first time... second love, second kiss, second time
Degrassi: Next Class: Grace/Maya, Grace/Zoe
  • ace!Grace and everything being complicated
Crossovers: Ann Perkins (Parks & Recreation)/Rosa Diaz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine).
  • If you offered this, I trust you with my heart & soul


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