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My requests are:
  • Orphan Black (Krystal/Tony, Beth/Rachel, Beth/Alison, Beth/Krystal, Beth/Sarah)
  • Degrassi (Fiona/Declan, Fiona/Holly J/Declan)
  • Big Love (Nicki/Sarah, Nicki/Barb, Nicki/Margene/Barb)
  • Skins (Tony/Effy, Emily/Katie)

I am requesting both Art and/or Fiction, and as such I'm trying to include prompts that are friendly to both, but as the nature of language I'm sure some ideas will lend themselves more obviously to one form over another. Please don't let that discourage you. I would be happy to answer any questions anon on tumblr (I am aryannagiordan0.tumblr.com) or through the mod.

General Likes: I LOVE LADIES. You know know that. I'm most interested in female desire and female power in relationships. I don't necessarily need sex or explicit content, as I find kisses, holding hands, general intimacy possibly more alluring than PWP. I love character studies. I don't necessarily need an action-packed plot or scene, as quiet, ordinary moments are stunning. Stuff like hand placement is my jam and a half.

Incest-specific Likes: I don't want to feel like this but I can't stop, Falling in love before realizing relation, Sharing a bed/hotel room, Love triangle/middle non-relation as substitution or conduit, I know things about my body and that means I know things about your body, Domestic intimacy (bathing, cooking together, grooming), sneaking around, for siblings I'm into discovering closeness at all ages

Do Not Wants: Misgendering, Pregnancy (though it may be a part of Big Love, I'm okay with that), Disordered eating (shouldn't really apply anyway), Self-harm (where not present in canon), Death, Rape or Rape Threat. Should you find any of these absolutely necessary for the story you want to tell, I'm okay with a warning. These are not hard-line triggers. I'm generally not a fan of "they aren't really related" AUs (what is the point?) or ABO, Master/Slave, AUs that change the power relation between characters.


Orphan Black: For the sake of this exchange I'd rather not have "they aren't clones" AUs, but spin-offs from canon are totally rad. I'm also generally in the Ace Beth camp, it it would be cool if she got to lay down some limits and boundaries, but I'm gonna be flexible here and say that sex could totally work. I'm down.
  • Krystal/Tony: TONY IS THE PERFECT BAD BOY FOR KRYSTAL CMON WHO BETTER TO MEND HER BROKEN HEART THAN THIS CHARMING ASSHOLE but really, meet-cutes, first dates, having sex and figuring out one another's bodies, it's awkward how not awkward this is
  • Beth/Rachel: Pre-canon, canon-spin. Beth goes right to the top in rage or for help from the Fish People. Rachel's kept a close eye on Beth, being one of the closest physically. Power plays, delving into Beth's psyche, bitterness over Paul. Does Beth blame Rachel for the shit that's happened? How does Rachel feel about Beth?
  • Beth/Alison: The biggest appeal for these two (for me) is their mutually assured destruction, race to the bottom type vibe. But on the other hand, I also really dig when they get happy endings. I'm easy to please when it comes to these two. I hate Donnie and Paul, but I'd rather ignore them then spend time dealing with what shitbags they are (or aren't, whatever you feel, man). The shooting range has been done a lot, so what about some other domestic-type situations? Would Alison ever introduce Beth to her kids?
  • Beth/Sarah: *whispers* um, okay, I would be okay with some kind of non-clone AU for them because cop/perp is the most adorable, but adorable bonus when they have the SAME FACE. Let's avoid Sarah-saves-Beth-at-the-station in favor of going back a little further, or Beth-never-died scenarios. 
Degrassi: I like to pretend that the date rape didn't happen. Not that it happened and wasn't date rape because it was. Go as AU as you want from that point in the story-ish, or before that point in the golden years of Degrassi Takes Manhattan, etc. Also please don't make Fiona not queer. Declan can be... an exception. FWIW, I think Fiona's attraction to Holly J was like 70% Declan in the beginning, but by current canon she's just into Holly J for herself. I'm cool with anywhere on that scale for this exchange.
  • Fiona/Declan, Fiona/Holly J/Declan: I'm just putting these in the same bullet because lbr they are the same thing with elements added and taken away. Fiona is clearly the instigator here and the one doing all the pining and drinking, but maybe there was a time in their lives when Declan wasn't so obsessed with perception. Sometimes, she could swear that he (still) feels the same way. Holly J as a conduit, Fiona kissing her to kiss Declan (etc), Declan calling her Fiona once or twice, Holly J walking in on Declan and Fiona... DRAMA.  ALL OF IT.
Big Love: They aren't blood relations, and they may not have known one another long. I love this show because of the forced intimacy (especially pre-canon) of close living and building all these layers of relationships and interactions that only just start with sisters/wives.
  • Nicki/Sarah: Nicki is her mom but also not her mom, so it is kind of acceptable? I'm thinking specifically around season 4 when Sarah is in sexual crisis/miscarrying and Nicki is dealing with a lot of trauma. If Sarah is underage in the fic, I need her to initiate anything sexual or romantic. I'd prefer to tread lightly on any miscarriage details.
  • Nicki/Barb: Nicki is LITERALLY a replacement for Barb and Barb knows it. Hates Nicki for it, but also... loves her? Nicki cares for the kids and Barb and... there has to be something sweet underneath her gruff exterior. Envy of the past that Nicki and Bill share could be relevant, but I'm also interested in during series or post series moments. Even with Margene on her own-ish, NICKI STICKS AROUND. I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.
  • Nicki/Margene/Barb: They're pretty sexually obsessed with one another, c'mon. Domestic intimacy in Bill's absence, caring for kids, each other. CAT NIP.
Skins: THOSE CRAZY KIDS. Drugs/drunk hookups are par for the course, here.
  • Tony/Effy: Really not into the canon(!) almost-forced-rape-thing, but as it is canon the repercussions can be discussed and thought of. Effy visits Tony at school. Casual/sexual interactions with non-verbal Effy. Protection of one another, but mutually-assured-destruction is at play here, too.
  • Emily/Katie: *cough* DUB CON *cough*. Totally optional dub con, that is. Probably the only time I'm actually feeling it. Katie is repressed to the max (and Emily is too, in different ways). Growing up close and growing apart, casual intimacies, figuring out sexual things as they grow up. 
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