Jan. 21st, 2016

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General Likes: Ladies! Neuro-atypicality! Relationships that don't necessarily hinge on sexuality! Everyday moments/domesticity! Character development! Lit/pretentious-fic (clarification: I don't consider it pretentious, but I've seen some authors self-label that way). Dialogue. Women holding their own, defending themselves. Cuddles. So many cuddles. 

Hard lines: Please warn/note for rape, abuse, drugs, graphic violence, disordered eating. As long as they are noted, including them is fine. I just like a head's up.

Specific Requests: I would love character-focused shipping, more action-y case/fight shipping, family drama, femslash, incest, pre-canon, during-canon, post-canon for ANY of these.

Star Wars: Princess Leia (Comics) - Evann/Leia
I would love some trope-y cuddle-for-warmth/misunderstood-alien-custom type adventures. One of the things I love about the comics (and the YA novel) is that Leia actually gets some space to grieve and process her massive loss. If you're feeling really ambitious, seeing Evann pop up again in TFA-era would be awesome too!

Star Wars (Movies) - Han/Leia/Luke
For these crazy kids, I'd prefer sticking to pre-TFA timelines. Post-Jedi is cool, but I'd rather not get into what the next movie might cover. There's more than enough ADORABLE SHENANIGANS to go around. Trope-y things are more than welcome. What-if AUs are sweeeet. I'm pretty strongly a "Leia in the middle of the triangle" girl, but not opposed to some Han/Luke side action as long as Leia's into it. 
Star Wars (Movies) - Leia/Luke
I feel like this should be obvious, but you never know, so, I'm really NOT into AUs where they aren't related. Timeline can be before the reveal, of course, but... I hope that if you offered to write Leia/Luke you were down with it. ANYWAY. All of the adorable, trope adventures during classic trilogy times, awkward feelings, awkward boners... And if you want to go TFA here, I would LOVE to see them reunite, grieve, help each other pull through. Some found-family, co-parenting type future would also make me so happy!
Star Wars (Movies) - Finn/Poe/Rey
As long as everyone has freedom of choice, I am completely flexible about the arrangement of this V or triangle. I've seen so many headcanons that absolutely kill me with joy, but a few that I'm PARTICULARLY into: emphasizing age difference, Finn and Rey experience (x) for the first time, culture clashes, Finn and Rey don't understand why (x) is socially taboo/normal. Group makeouts, snuggles... it is all pure gold. PURE GOLD.
Star Wars (Movies) - Rey/Female Resistance Fighter
Specific characters I would be excited to see Rey bond/talk/cuddle/kiss with: Lieutenant Connix, General Organa... anyone else who we see briefly but don't know much about (unless you novelization! Break out any of them!). I'd also be into a more OC-style resistance fighter. Someone with a very different background would be preferred -- maybe someone who is confident in areas where Rey is uncertain or uncomfortable.
Star Wars (Movies) - Jessika Pava/Rey
JUST FUCK ME UP. I don't know. I am so here for anything. ANYTHING. Well, except maybe coffee shop or high school AUs. No, that's a lie. High school AU would be my JAM. ANYTHING. (Including any combo of Finn/Poe/Rey on the side is cool.) BB-8 ships Rey with happiness. This is canon.

Jessica Jones - Jessica/Trish
Can I say JUST FUCK ME UP for this one, too? God... ANY phase of their life together. TROPE THIS SHIT UP. Existing or side Jessica/Luke is totally welcome, but please as little Simpson as possible, and Killgrave is obviously a part of their story but NOT A ROMANTIC ONE. File under things I hope I don't need to clarify. Okay, more positive ideas. I'd love to see Trish go more Hellcat, happy superheroines AU... baby bisexual kids... ANYTHING.


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