Aug. 19th, 2015

aphrodite_mine: woman in a closing elevator (office - elevator love)
General Likes: If you write a story that focuses on a pairing I've picked, you win. I'm easy.
General Dislikes: Rape (references to canon are fine), scat, A/B/O, and Hardline Triggers: Roller derby. So no skating AUs please.

True Detective: Antigone "Ani" Bezzerides/Jordan Semyon
  • raising the baby together, on the run, unfamiliar place, sharing small spaces, desperate clinging
  • Jordan in the white dress, Ani walking slow across the square
  • the show hints at Jordan having been a sex worker. what if instead of meeting Frank, she met young beat cop Bezzerides?
The Office: Karen Filippelli/Pam Beesley
  • raising their babies together post or during a divorce, finding solace in the somewhat familiar
  • fake date, forced to team up, snowed in/forced to share small space during season 3 era
  • au with Pam and Karen meeting up in school, one or the other out of their element in a particular course
Hannibal: Margot Verger/Alana Bloom
  • *clears throat* raising their baby together, making a safe place for everyone, finding small joys and peace
  • psychiatrist/patient au, always a hit
  • disability accommodation for Alana (even just mentioning chronic pain, etc)
  • trans or genderqueer Margot (mixing in some book canon, perhaps) fascinates me
  • boarding school au, because I am so weak
Bedelia Du Maurier/Alana Bloom/Margot Verger
  • murder!wives party time??? full-on hedonism fucking in blood because they can
  • a dinner party! eating puns! (but no one is a cannibal wink wink)
  • Margot/Alana or Bedelia/Alana established, adding a third because a platform on three legs is far more likely to stay balanced than on two
  • there... could be a baby. If... you wanted.
Miriam Lass/Margot Verger
  • I don't know how this would work but I know that I want it
  • always a fan of comparing scars, pretty faces kissing, finding something good amidst the terrible
  • *hides head in pillow* *mumbles something about a baby*
Gone Girl: Amy Elliot Dunne/Margo Dunne
  • it would be irrational to say raising the baby together, right? okay, I won't say it
  • au where Amy meets Margo instead of Nick (is it just a fling, or does Margo stick? Does she end up making scavenger hunts for her?)
  • what are the advantages to whatever Amy's idea of lesbianism/bisexuality/??? is to Cool Girl?
  • sneaking around hate fuck
Crossover: Parks & Recreation/Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Ann Perkins/Rosa Diaz
  • there are only two fics and I wrote one so anything you write would be incredible
  • feel free to hop onto the existing verse or set up another way: school au, always-in-NYC/always-in-Pawnee au
  • they have an eerily similar taste in women, er, friends (feel free to include past or unrequited Amy/Rosa and Ann/Leslie)
  • trans Rosa is totally optional but also awesome
  • for consistency I'm gonna say raising Ann's baby together, but please ignore me. Seriously.
For additional things I like, my dear author tag is here, and I'm on tumblr (with a very slow queue) as aryannagiordan0.


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