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Dear rarelywritten writer,
Thank you for offering to write something I've requested! I love gen and shipfic in equal measure. Plot, sex, action - all great, but what I love is characterization, so don't feel pressured to include lots of explosions. In my letter, I'm including aome possible ships, story scenarios, and headcanons, but feel free to ignore any of these if they don't jive with the story you want to write. I have no hard-line triggers at this time, but please warn if applicable for self-harm, disordered eating, and pregnancy/birth.

I enjoy having themed sign-ups, so this year the "theme" happens to be "TV shows filmed in Canada"

Orphan Black

I've requested Rachel Duncan, Tony Sawicki, Beth Childs. I would absolutely love gen fic for any of these characters, as well as any combination of them ship-wise (including threesome/poly). I also ship: Rachel/Sarah, Rachel/Delphine, Rachel/Cosima/Delphine, Tony/Helena, Tony/Alison, Beth/Sarah, Beth/Alison. It may be helpful to you to know that I ascribe to the ace!Beth school of thought (check out acebethweek on tumblr) and am not an aPOLigist, however in terms of spending fic time bashing or hating on Paul, I'd rather just avoid him altogether (though I recognize his place in canon, and that might be reflected in your fic). I'd also like to avoid fic about "Antoinette" or anything that misgenders Tony.

I'm interested in canon-compliant-ish AUs: pre-canon, clones as teenagers, growing up, Beth-is-still-alive, Beth-never-died/someone-saves-her, Tony integrates into the group, Rachel integrates into the group. I like the moral grey (and moral black, to be frank) of this universe. Discussions of body autonomy and consent are always welcome.

Strange Empire

I've requested Rebecca Blithely, Morgan Finn. I would absolutely love gen fic for either of these characters, as well as them together. I also ship: Rebecca/Kat, Rebecca/Isabelle, Morgan/Miss Logan, Morgan/Fiona. I generally fall in the camp of "the fewer gross dudes the better" but of course in universe they tend to be a common issue, and it's okay if your fic deals with that! I'd prefer not to read about dead babies or detailed rapes, please. I hope this is understood, but please refer to Morgan with he/him pronouns.

I'm interested in missing scenes, pre-canon, fluffy moments, smut (j/k? AM I KIDDING? NO ONE KNOWS), and crossovers if I know the other canon (just send an anon ask on tumblr and be sorta vague?). Discussions of law and Where Women/People of Color stand are super awesome.


I've requested Georgia Madchen, Miriam Lass. I would *kill* for gen fic for either of these characters. I don't really ship Georgia with anyone but happiness and life, but I do ship Miriam/Bev, Miriam/Alana, and the sort-of winked-at crossover event of Miriam/Clarice. Obviously trauma plays heavily in both of these characters' stories, but if they could be not-completely-broken by the end/some point of the story, I would be very grateful!

I'm interested in the lives and stories that we don't get to see. I am not particularly concerned with Will or Hannibal (or Jack, really) and their crises of conscience or morality. Discussions of mental health/the mental health industry and gender are incredible!

Lost Girl

I've requested Tamsin. Gen fic for her would be amazing, and I also ship Tamsin/Lauren, Tamsin/Bo, Tamsin/Bo/Lauren, Tamsin/Dyson, Tamsin/Bo/Lauren/Dyson, and Tamsin/Kenzi. Case fic is always fun, and this show is kind of an id-show, so feel free to go as hedonistic as you want! As much as I am a sucker for needy, unrequited love Tamsin, I think if she met happy Tamsin in a fight, happy Tamsin would win every time.

I'm interested in the Tamsin we're starting to see more of, the emotionally vulnerable person who wants to love and be loved. I'd like to see how her past self works through and around that, and I love found family -- even family that isn't romantic/sexy/whatever (I don't mean to qualify one kind of relationship over another, just in the realm of the show we're typically dealing with the sexual, at least if Bo is involved).


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